When choosing the best among the rest for businesses, there is really nothing wrong with being meticulous. Of course, companies would choose something beneficiary which promotes welfare to each and everybody, or someone who is willing to do hard work and can do extraordinary.

And of course all companies would want to succeed, and in order for them to attain success is that they make sure of every decision they make. Such decision includes how they conduct their training programs for their applicants. And how to promote safety and security in the workplace. The only way to do this is to conduct an assessment and have it documented on an assessment form.

Further, you will be oriented on what assessment is and why it is necessary to be conducted. For some companies, they do not take assessments seriously since they are complacent about their security without knowing the risks that lies behind their walls, not literally though.

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is a mandatory act or an activity conducted by every organization or even by an individual. The subject of the matter, whatever assessment is pertained to, is being appraised and analyzed with what it could result to and how it could affect everyone or everything in the company. Indeed, there are different kinds of assessments and these will be discussed as you go on further this article.

Different Kinds of Assessments

Patient Assessment

A patient assessment is done before and after the perspective medical treatment/s is/are given to and taken by the patient. The reason for conducting this assessment is in order to make sure that the treatments have effective results and does not make any side effects that can cause abnormality to the patient’s condition. All records regarding the assessment of a patient are all documented in a patient assessment form.

In assessing a patient, he or she is monitored by some healthcare personnel with his or her condition such as the body temperature and vital signs. An interview or medical assessment of each and every patent is also necessary in order to administer better treatment of the health condition if the primary treatment does not take effect.

Medical centers or hospitals make sure that their patients are getting the right nutrition by providing them their need for a balance diet. Thus, a nutrition assessment is a great help to keep track of it. But when patients are not satisfied with the treatments provided by the healthcare personnel or nurse, he or she could file a patient complaint form.


A self-assessment is an assessment done by an individual to know his or her own capacity not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This is the most effective way in improving one’s self. Of course, we all want to prove that we can be a somebody in the eyes of everyone who have discriminated or criticized us. And instead of letting this discrimination hurt our ego, we use this as our motivation to do even better.

We have to understand that there will always be people who will look down on us, be jealous of what we have, and/or are pessimistic about everything and just want to drag us down together with them. But we have to consider the fact that we make our own choices. And that, we can choose whether to let them do whatever they want to us or make a stand for ourselves.

Conducting a self-assessment, an individual can improve his or her relationship towards other people. Technically, this assessment improves a person’s behavior towards others with different personalities, and helps in developing reflexes or focus attention when different circumstances are encountered.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are usually done within the company or in any organization such as schools or universities, buildings, malls, etc. This is done to investigate and examine around to discover latent hazards and make sure that everyone is safe from all the possible threats that these hazards comprise.

A risk assessment requires people who are vigilant or observant who are always on the lookout. That is why sometimes, in conducting a risk assessment, it is important that each and everyone is trained enough to be aware of what and how different kinds of hazards are treated. The main purpose for this assessment for risks is to keep not just the company or its business safe and secured, but also the employees and everyone else, either residing internally or externally.

The findings in the assessing or understanding the risks should be documented in the risk assessment form so that the risks are labeled or ranked according to its level and treated according to its priority. It is important that each and every one should be aware about the risks that are found in their environment for them to formulate strategies or techniques in avoiding such threats.

These risks should be managed and controlled accordingly before these cause a great impact or destruction to everyone in the company. A way of doing so is by comparing previous assessment forms to the current ones in order to distinguish the different kinds of threats that are uncontrollable and how often these risks are encountered. This is one of the benefits of using assessment forms.

Training Assessment

Training assessments are done in order to make sure that the program is successful and beneficial to both employers and employees. This is also to make sure that the objective goals are attainable by the applicants or trainees. The training team should be able to identify what are the needs for training in order to make sure that the plans are carried out appropriately.

In conducting training, there should also be a training needs assessment in order to examine if the training is held effectively, and if the mechanics are sufficient in organizing a training program. This will examine if the training needs that are to be used are useful or functional in meeting the company’s organizational goals for training.

The training should also undergo a training risk assessment for the safety of every applicants and for the awareness of the employers. Everyone, especially the applicants should be informed regarding the risk that they will be facing or encountering during their training/s. An example for which is when companies conduct a physical training such as cross fit, body building, power lifting, and running.

Actually, all training can lead to physical injuries, even if it is held indoor. For as long as it requires much strength and effort, it can cause such pain or suffering. It might not just affect the person physically, but can also affect behaviorally, mentally, and emotionally.

The following are just few of the different kinds of assessments that are commonly used further assessments are for employees, students, performances, etc.

Ways To Make Assessments More Effective and Efficient

Here are few of the many ways in making your assessments more effective and efficient:

  • The company should promote enough awareness for everybody in order to have information regarding the threats found in their workplace.
  • Everybody should not be ignorant regarding the procedures and precautions for safety and security. Thus, a reminder should be posted where it is visible to everybody.
  • List all necessary information on whatever you are assessing about and have different resources or references.
  • Frequently monitor everything, including the surroundings, the people involved, and the operations or managements.
  • There should a performance appraisal conducted monthly or annually for all employees to see if they are doing the right thing.
  • Everyone should be trained and/or oriented with what to do when different circumstances are encountered. This is in order for everyone to possess such skills that are needed in response to the circumstances.
  • Have a standardized operations when people follow a series of instructions on how certain things or equipment are used, controlled, and managed.
  • There should be various of meetings held in order for everyone to share thought and ideas regarding on how these threats are to be avoided. this is also for everyone to be prepared for whatever is likely to happen.
  • There should be monthly reviews in order to compare the current to the previous results.
  • Be open minded when it comes to concerns and issues that are happening within the premises of the organization.
  • There should be a team building training in order to develop the communication, build understanding, and improve the relationship of everyone with each other in coming up for the best solution.
  • Everyone should be proactive instead of being reactive in identifying and preventing potential threats.
  • The team must also come up with a preventive plan in order to prevent the increase of the level of risk that each hazards contain.
  • If preventive plan fails, the team should be able to formulate a long term corrective plan.

The following are just few of the simple tips for risk assessment. Gather up your team and figure things out together in order for you to identify and formulate strategies and/or techniques in reducing the risks that you might encounter in your day to day business operations.

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