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One of the countless ways to ensure that the business attains the anticipated or desired success is by having an effective organization or administration starting with the management, then the employees or the workforce. Having an effective business management will make the company, the business, and the people operative and progressive in terms of quality and standard performances for growth and business development.

As for the management, there should be decisive implementations and executions of the different policies and procedures, adhering to the company protocol. By means of these, the management system will be strictly heeded by everyone in the labor force. As for administering the employees, each and everyone should be required to undergo various kinds of effective training and interviews, as well as submit and comply with the complete requirements or documents that are needed during their job application and employment. In addition to this, there should also be a proper designation of each employee to the different work locations with an effective work shift scheduling.

Shift Change Request Form

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What Is a Shift Schedule?

A shift schedule, also known as the employee timesheet, is an informational form that indicates the different shift schedules of individual employees. This could either be written or printed and posted on a board where employees can perceive and verify their daily, weekly, or even monthly work shift schedules.

The shift schedule is often monitored by the human resource manager on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. This often changes depending on the circumstances or the policies with regards to the employees’ shift scheduling. Nevertheless, the different shifts should not exceed the required number of hours for each employee’s working hours as specified in their employment contract unless they are required to work overtime.

1. The Advantages of Shift Schedules

Shift schedules basically serve as the employees’ guide with regards to their working time or shift scheduling for work. These ensure that each individual is assigned to a specific shift that is convenient for each one of them. And by means of having a convenient working time schedule, quality customer services and performances would be provided or given to all customers or clients.

2. The Disadvantage of Shift Schedules

Though shift schedules are advantageous and beneficial, most especially for personnel management, these also have a disadvantage or a drawback. This is with regards to its reliability. These shift schedule forms are not always reliable due to the fact that these could be changed anytime for some common reasons such as when

  • the employee had an emergency;
  • the employee had some other place/s to attend to (examples are during son’s or daughter’s graduation, or appointments, or seminars to attend to); or
  • the employee was not able to report to work due to a sudden sickness or illness.

These are the common reasons why shift schedules change all of a sudden. Nevertheless, the reasons behind the changes must be clearly stated on the employee shift change form.

Employee Request for Change in Work Shift

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Employee Work Schedule Change Form

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What Is a Shift Change?

A shift change is an act of requesting the working time or shift schedule to be changed. This is often completed when the employee shift change request form is filled out with all the necessary information.

This change request form is an informational form that lets the management know that the employees are requesting for a change with their assigned shift schedule. This is also utilized to indicate the reason/s why time or shifts of the individual need to be modified. Upon the completion of this change request form, this is submitted by the employee or the requester to seek an approval from the manager. The request can only be approved if the reasons are justifiable, valid, or considerable by the management.

1. Requesting for Employee’s Availability

An employee availability is the management’s guide to know the specific date and time convenient for each employee. And by means of this, the management will be able to create an effective time or shift scheduling for individual employee’s preferred time for duty or work. The employee availability form is frequently used when there are newly hired employees in the company. This could also be used as the management’s basis when they create shift schedule forms for each employee.

Basic Shift Change Form

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Shift Change Form Sample

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The Purpose of Request Form for Shift Change

Shift change request forms are used for the following purposes:

  • to formally ask or request for time or shift to be changed
  • to request for a person to be the reliever or the replacement for the meantime, temporarily, or permanently
  • to inform the management of the employees’ unavailability on a specific date, time, or shift
  • to give the employee a chance to specify the reasons for such unavailability for the specific date and time
  • for the management to find a replacement for the requesting employee
  • for all employees and the management to have a period to adjust to the new shifting schedule as the unavailability or shift sample change request is made ahead of time
  • to make sure that the business continues to be operational by having employees designated to every shift, leaving no vacant or unoccupied shift
  • to make sure that all employees follow the correct and proper procedure in requesting a change of their shift schedule by completing the shift change request form

The following purposes of reasons to utilize shift change request forms are not only for the management’s and the business’s convenience but also for all the employees.

The Process for Shift Change Request

The shift change requests are entertained by the management or the human resource department in a timely manner if proper process is observed. Therefore, refer to the following steps on how the requests for shift change are conducted.

  • Individual employees must secure the form from the human resource office.
  • The manager or the department head of whom the employee is under should be informed with regards to the employee’s request.
  • The employee looks for a colleague or co-employee who is willing or finds it convenient to cover or be a replacement for the specific time or shift schedule that is requested to be changed.
  • The form for shift change request is then filled out with all the necessary information.
  • Upon the completion of the request form, the employee mandatorily seeks an approval from the manager or the department head.
  • The employee explains briefly the reason/s by giving more information to the manager as they have a one-on-one talk or conversation.
  • By obtaining the signature that specifies the approval of the manager or the head, the form should be submitted to the human resource office.
  • The human resource staff or manager may or may not necessarily interview and ask the employee with the request unless there are some circumstances or some clarifications needed.
  • The employee waits for the final approval from the human resource manager.

The individual employee’s request for a time or shift change is entertained when the proper process for change request is strictly observed or followed with the use of the appropriate form.

Shift Change Request Form Sample

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Shift Change Request Form in Doc

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Basic Reasons for Disapproval of Request

Though employees are given the chance to request for their shift at work to be changed, there is no guarantee that all of these are always approved. These could be rejected or denied for the following basic reasons:

  • when the management finds that the shift schedule is difficult to adjust
  • when there are no replacement or available employees to cover the shift schedule of the employee requesting a shift change
  • when the replacement did not agree or did not sign the form for his approval to cover the shift
  • when the employee requesting a shift change still have some pending work or tasks to be finished
  • when the employees’ reasons for the employee shift change request are unjustified or invalid
  • when the employees’ request would create a significant impact on the business operations and services that would also affect the management’s efficiency and effectivity

There are some circumstances that the human resource manager changes the schedule of the employees all of a sudden, but with a prior notice given on a specific date. Such circumstances or events might be due to the following reasons or purposes:

  • when the employee needs to undergo a training evaluation that would excuse him or her from the time or shift schedule
  • when there are newly hired employees and the time or shift schedule is needed to be adjusted
  • when there are some emergencies in the company that affects employee time sheet or shift schedule

Whatever the reasons or purposes are, employees should be informed in order for them to be aware of the sudden changes in their schedules made or created. Nevertheless, employees are required to strictly and responsibly abide the schedules implemented or executed unless each has a valid reason for the management to consider. Otherwise, failure to take heed the schedule policies of the company would result in some disciplinary actions.

The Details for Shift Change Requests

Shift change request forms are completed when the following details or information are provided and written on the form.

  • the date of when the request was made
  • the employee’s full name
  • the job position or title
  • the assigned work location or department
  • the present or current shift schedule
  • the desired or requested shift
  • the reasons why the employee will not be available on the specified shift schedule
  • the name and signature of the person or employee to cover or be in replaced for the shift
  • the date of when the replacing employee had signed the form
  • the date of when the request for the shift change was approved
  • the action made by the human resource manager, which specifies whether the shift change is temporary or permanent during the current term, or either the request has been approved or denied
  • the reason for disapproval of the manager and/or human resource
  • the date of when the request was received and acknowledged by the human resource manager

Completing all necessary information will avoid any delays with regards to each change request made. Nevertheless, each employee needs to follow up their request/s to know what is/are causing the delay for the management to process these. There might be some information that the management needs to clarify.

Time Off and Shift Change Request Form

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Food Service Shift Change Request Form

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Basic Tips for Shift Change Requests

Refer to the following basic tips when utilizing the change request for shift schedules in order to have an effective personnel management in terms of employee scheduling.

  • The employee’s request form should be submitted ahead of time, at least a week or two before the pertained shift schedule.
  • There should be an approval from the manager first before the form is submitted for final approval of the human resource manager.
  • There should be someone to replace the particular shift schedule to cover the vacant shift. This is important most especially when there are lots of customers or clients during the particular shift schedule.
  • All signatures must be present in the form.
  • The specific date/s and time/s should be specified in the form.
  • The reasons for the shift change requests should be explained briefly and concisely.
  • Each individual employee should be able to finish or accomplish all works or remaining tasks before leaving their post or shift.
  • A shift change request form must be utilized for one change request only. Another form must be filled out for another request if the employee is allowed to make multiple requests at a time.
  • The form should be secured and compiled with the individual employee’s personnel files.
  • The shift schedule forms must be monitored on a regular basis in order for the management to update the changes that are needed to be made.
  • Employees’ failure to follow or observe their individual shift schedule will result in employee disciplinary action.

Therefore, shift change request forms are utilized by employees who request for their shift schedule to change for some certain reasons that are justified by the management in order to be approved. In addition, these request forms are utilized in order for each individual employee to be guided with regards to the proper way of requesting for their shift schedule to be changed. Furthermore, you may refer to the following forms that are provided for you for more information, particularly with how each of the forms is filled out with the complete essential information and what are the few things you need to take note when completing them.

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