Feedback forms have always been one of the many tools used by companies for the continuity, growth, and development of their business. This is because companies and organizations value the feedback of their customers and clients regarding their products and services. After all, they are at the receiving end of such products and services, so they would have better and deeper insights about them.

Not all clients would want to go out of their way to provide companies with feedback. Some people find it time-consuming while some don’t trust that their feedback will be taken into account. However, every company who hands out customer feedback forms would want a high feedback response rate.

Tips In Asking Clients for Feedback

Any website can offer numerous tips regarding Feedback Forms and these may sound simple but it will surely aid the company to succeed when it comes to handling customer complaints and feedback. Here are the three main things that a company should consider when dealing with customers and feedback:

  • Always state the reason why the company is asking for the feedback.
    Many clients and customers would often feel that their feedback will not be taken into consideration, so they don’t bother to answer the product or service feedback forms you give them. In every feedback form you hand out, always state the reason why you want to collect your customers’ feedback, even if it is something as generic as wanting to improve your products and services. This will motivate the clients to answer the feedback forms you provide because they will feel that it will also benefit them somewhere along the line.
  • The lesser, the better.
    If one question would be enough to cover the information you want to collect, then by all means, ask only one question. For example, if you want to ask the general experience of the client or how they liked the products or services you provided, you may ask them this question and then provide them with a scale to rate their experience. It is important to only ask questions on customer satisfaction surveys that will help you collect information that you actually need. You would not want to waste your time or the customer’s.
  • Ask at least one open ended question.
    Although close ended questions help in quantifying the performance or rating of your company, including at least one open ended question encourages clients to provide more honest and elaborate answers. This way, you could also ask suggestions from them on what could be done to make your company better.

Feedback Forms will consist of the client’s scribbles and notes but when a company will aim for a statistical research with regards to their services and products, they should consider creating a Survey Form rather than the latter. With the Survey, the client can efficiently indicate his ratings for the particular area describe in the form.

Nonetheless, no matter what form that a company will use to gather a client’s comments, ratings and feedback, the company should use the information that the client’s stated with respect and confidentiality.

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