job evaluation

Job evaluations are done in a company to determine the value of a particular job position in attaining the company’s success. The management must observe the appropriate process to assure that their evaluation is effective for the people within the organization as well as for their clients. Indicating the objective for the self evaluation and gathering the evaluating committee are the two primary steps in the process prior to the collecting feedback and analyzing the results.

Three Significance of Job Evaluations

A job evaluation is significant due to the following benefits and advantages that it can provide to the company and the employees:

Determining Salary Relevance

As an applicant or potential job candidate signs an employment contract and becomes an official employee, he or she is expected to work with an associated salary which he or she can receive monthly or bi-monthly. With this, the business or the company must assure that the amount of salary they are paying to the employees are based on how the specific obligations assigned and the task difficulty of the employees’ jobs.

Doing this also determines if the salary and the compensation packages are equal to all the people involved in the company which can include their benefits, insurance proposal and bonus payments. Nonetheless, the employers and the company should always keep in mind that the motivation of an employee in producing quality outputs often depends on how an employee is paid and how much he is paid as his basic rate.

Developing Job Specifications

Filtering applicants during the job application process begins on the posts and advertisements of the company which highlights the type of candidate they are looking for. The job specification must be detailed especially when it deals with the educational attainment, skills, and abilities of the applicant. The job appraisal evaluation system serves as a tool which supports in developing concise descriptions about the job and the criteria to the hiring manager of when the period that he or she should open doors to new applicants and to the interviewer of the desirable qualities he or she should consider for a prospective employee.

Aid in Career Planning

A job must secure that an individual continues to learn more about the tricks and matters of his or her specialized industry and not limit the learning resources of any person employed by the company. After a job evaluation specifies the role of a job position, the management appraisal is able to plan possible seminars and conferences that their employees may grab to acquire improvements within themselves that they can use for meeting the industry’s standards. The seminars and every event which targets a particular job position must be directly related to the employees’ interests and skills assessment.

How to Achieve a Successful Job Evaluation

Evaluating any subject demands in-depth knowledge of the evaluating personnel action about the qualities, risks, and the benefits that he should consider as the standards of his or her evaluation. Here are the steps on how a company can acquire an effective job evaluation:

Step 1: Do a Quick Job Analysis.

Job safety analysis refers to determining the job’s content. As you are part of the evaluating team, you need to enlist the job specification that the company currently observes in the recruitment process. It is essential that each job is listed separately to allow easy comparison at the end of the evaluation.

Step 2: Choose an Evaluation Method.

Some companies conduct an evaluation by means of using a rating scale similar to a questionnaire survey which indicates a scoring sheet for each area of a particular job. However, there are also other companies who value the importance of suggestions and comments from the higher superiors of the organization. With this, you must fully determine what sort of evaluation method suits your company and paves an easy path for obtaining an evaluation output.

Step 3: Determine Standards.

Regardless of the chosen method from the previous step, you need to indicate the standards which is associated with each job. These include the employee’s desired qualities, level of education in the field, the relativity of the job to the company clearance, as well as the rate for the salary which should be given to the employees.

Step 4: Create a Form.

Evaluation forms are tools for obtaining an efficient evaluation regardless of the subject to be evaluated. The form that you are making should be properly designate the standards and the rating scale as well as the area for the comments and suggestions. The type of job being evaluated should be stated before the rating area along with the dates of when the evaluation was done.

Step 5:  Assess and Rank.

This is the step where you are completing the job evaluation form that you have created from the previous step. The jobs must be assessed based on the standards and the preferences which are suitable for the company. After the individual job assessment is the ranking of the jobs based on their relevance and their roles in the company. The ranks must aid in creating a job hierarchy and in developing an action plan for meeting the company’s goals.

Step 6: Report and Discuss.

The completed job evaluations must be reported to the authorized people in the company who are assigned to deal with the results. A discussion is efficient in determining how a job must be improved and what training evaluation should be offered to the team of employees in order to increase the productivity rate of the company. Other issues relating to the job can also be addressed during the discussion to secure that risks are avoided and fixed.

Employers and companies conduct job evaluations on an annual period along with the employee appraisal and assessment. The frequency of undergoing this evaluation periodically is important due to the changes which the company may have gotten involved in the whole year. These changes should be promptly recorded and determined if it was able to contribute to the improvement of the company and the employees as well. Additionally, the contract agreements which were revised and added to a job position should also be included in the evaluation.

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