Salary, medical reimbursements, and even varieties of engagement programs are necessary elements that applicants look for in a job opportunity. With this, companies must meet with the requirements of a state regarding matters of employment benefits. However, aside from the benefits, companies can also add more incentives for their employees by providing more rewards through acknowledging their needs and determine techniques of how to encourage a better relationship with the management. This will be done by conducting an employee survey, specifically an employee benefits survey.

Employee Benefits Survey Form Sample

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What Is an Employee Benefits Survey Form?

An employee benefits survey form is an essential document that is targeted for employees and staff as the respondents of the survey. The form is commonly provided by employers and insurance providers to acquire the satisfaction rating of the employees regarding the benefits that they received upon their general employment. Identical to a survey questionnaire, the form has sets of questions and a rating scale wherein the respondent can indicate his rating. After the completion of the form, the respondent must submit it to the authorized surveyor in order for his ratings be tallied and analyzed.

When to Use an Employee Benefits Survey Form

There are tons of instances and situations when an employee benefits survey form will serve as an effective tool for any company and business. However, the most common situation where the form is used is when the company will be mandating a new policy about the benefits and the programs that employees will be privileged to acquire. By using the form, the company can obtain employee feedback and gather important aspects to be included in their action plan for the new policies and insurances. Another situation is when a company will need to determine if their benefits are suitable for each employee in various departments and positions. Nonetheless, to aid in determining suitability, the form must have specific questions that will distinguish each job description and the benefits associated with the job.

How to Create an Employee Benefits Survey Form

When creating an employee benefits survey form, a surveyor must first determine what sorts of benefits are to be surveyed and evaluated in order to finalize an objective for the activity. After this, gathering the benefits list of the company that relates to the objectives is the next step. Below are the succeeding steps that a surveyor must follow to make an effective and functional employee benefits survey form:

1. Incorporate the company logo, name, and the date or period of the survey. This should be in the header section of the form which will imply which company is conducting the survey and when the survey activity will come to an end. You may also see employer survey form samples

2. Add instructions. The instructions will guide the employees or the respondents toward completing the fields and the questions of the form. Additionally, the surveyor must clearly indicate the value of each numerical rating. You may also like sample employee satisfaction survey forms

3. Start off with the employee information questionnaire. This is allotted for identifying the respondent of the benefits survey. This section must focus on determining the job position of the respondent, the date when he was hired, and an indication of whether or not his spouse and children are beneficiaries of his insurance coverage.

4. Enlist the questions that relate to the benefits of the employee. This must also include the types of benefits that the employee received, the satisfaction rate of the employee, as well as the employee’s comments and suggestions. You may also see sample survey form examples

5. Indicate a legal consent statement. The consent must specify and describe where the surveyed answers will be used and a protection of the employee’s disclosed information.

Advantages of Using an Employee Benefits Survey Form

One known advantage of using an employee benefits survey form is to allow the company to document feedback and employee suggestions. And since the form will state the ratings given by the employee, the company will also acknowledge their weaknesses and to clarify issues which will then meet a resolution. With this, the form serves as a tool for the company to gather effective and constructive general feedback about their management as well as how their employees are using the benefits they have provided.

Questions to Include in an Employee Benefits Survey Form

Tons of questions can be stated in an employee benefits survey form; however, any company must include the questions below in their form to assure that they are acquiring sufficient information and data pertaining to their benefits:

1. “Was the company able to explain the details of the employee benefits during the day wherein you signed your employment contract?” This question is allotted for determining if the company management was able to provide enough details about the employee benefits along with its limitations to the employee.

2. “What benefits are essential for you?” With this question, the company will know the specific benefits that their employees are needing and what is the least needed. By having the answers of the employees in this question, the company can create a plan to add new perks for their employees that are more beneficial and can provide more advantages. You may also like survey form templates

Tips for an Effective Employee Benefits Survey Form

Employee benefits survey forms should be done with the right knowledge of the surveyor or creator of the survey. Nonetheless, it is significant that the maker of the form will assure that the questions are targeted for the general population of the respondents wherein there are varying job positions and level of understanding. Questions and ratings regarding existing benefits and those that are planned to be added by the company should also be stated on the form as well. You may also see salary survey form samples

Another important tip to keep in mind is to include open-ended questions and those that can be answered in an essay. These questions will allow the respondent to explain his side and promote a better communication between the management and his opinions. You may also like software survey forms

Employee Wage and Benefit Survey Questionnaire Form

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General Employee Benefits Survey Form

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Conducting an employee benefits survey will not only aid the company to manage their employees and staff’s expectations and needs but will also help them with employee retention issues. This is because most employees stay in a company where their needs are catered well and concerns are being addressed regularly. With the right management skills and by listening to the thoughts of the employee, any company will be able to achieve an even greater success in their field of business. You may also see follow-up survey forms

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