creating survey form in google docs

Why would you want to create a Survey Form in Google Documents? The applications of using Google Documents as your template for surveys allows for a much easier distribution of your survey questionnaires through social media, and through sites that are frequented by your target respondents. Comparing it to filling out survey forms in real life, the survey made using Google Documents is much simpler and safer to use.

Now, creating a survey form in Google Documents is actually a simple process to do, as you continue reading through this article you will learn how to make your own survey form in Google Documents.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Survey Form

Before you begin making your own survey form you must first determine what type of survey form you are going to make, as there are many types of survey forms available out there, such as Customer Satisfaction Survey FormsSurvey Questionnaire Forms, and etc.

And afterwards you need to determine what format you want to make your survey form, whether it be a Survey Form in Word format, or a survey form in Google Documents format, it depends solely on your preferences. Now, to begin the guide lets start off with:

  • When writing a survey form identify the purpose of the survey form, be it the name of the survey form or adding a short summary about the survey form.
  • Add in areas that the respondents themselves will fill in like their name, age, gender, employment, and even their family status. The more descriptive the better.
  • Without putting too much thought into it, add every question that you are thinking. This will allow you to have more questions for the survey. The reason for this would be that it will be much easier to think of more questions for the survey if our not limited to the required questions only.
  • After your done writing the questions, you made for the survey, segregate and determine which questions are relevant to the topic of your survey.
  • Remake the questions into either Yes or No questions, multiple choices, identification, and even essay formats. This will allow the respondents to more freely answer the questions.
  • After you are done making your survey, review your output and determine how the information in the survey will be relevant to your topic. If some questions don’t seem to fit, remove or edit them to focus on your topic.
  • After reviewing your work, you can begin distributing your survey, however, if you want to distribute it via Google Documents, it’s actually made simpler since you already made the survey, all you have to do now is log into your Google Documents account and select create new forms, and fill in the fields with your survey. It’s as simple as that.

How to Save a Google Form

If you are posting your survey in a Google Documents, then there are two ways to that, either by inserting it directly into your web page or you can save it in Google Documents and just share the link to the survey, However, the most commonly used method would be to save it in Google Documents and share the link via email or other online services. Saving the document is actually quite simple, once you are done with making the survey just save it using the programs save functions.

Survey forms are a great way to gather information from the masses quickly and efficiently, however, there are so many kinds of survey forms available such as a Market Survey FormSatisfaction Survey Forms and even Survey Research Forms, there are different types of forms for different purposes.

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