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Every day we witness, listen, gather information, and often look for percentage and rates. When this act of collecting data becomes a systematized manner, it becomes a survey. Surveys can be conducted in many different ways which include asking through a telephone call, sending an email to a group of clients, posting a page on a website, and even handling Questionnaire Forms personally to the respondents.

In today’s society, surveyors often use a separate sheet of a document for doing a survey and this is known as a Survey Form. This document may differ on length and how thick it will be as a whole depending on the purpose and aim of the survey. Most surveys are for acquiring the rate of a business enterprise’s or a company’s customer satisfaction which will be distinguished in a Customer Satisfaction Survey Form.

The Difference Between a Survey Form from a Poll

Though Survey Forms and polls have similar intentions which are to know the preferences of a person, these two have a few differences.

  • Number of Questions. In any Survey Form such as a Student Survey Form, it will have a number of questions for the students to answer, and often there are questions left with no choices. While in a poll, there will only be one single question associated with a set of choices.
  • Computation of Data. Compared to a survey, conducting a poll will be easier since the poll-maker will only have to focus on the rates of the respondents’ answers and nothing else. A Survey Form, on the other hand, will demand an ample amount of time to properly and effectively construct the computation of the answers.
  • Details and Layout. When it comes to layout, polls are easier however in assuring that detailed preferences and answers are collected, the Survey Form hits the score.

Survey Forms can meet the needs of various intentions which are similar to Evaluation Forms and Assessment Forms. When used together, these forms will construct an efficient developmental plan for a company or for a person’s improvement.

Tips for Creating a Survey Form

Creating a Survey Form is easy, but assuring that the form will cater your purpose and that your audience will answer the questions will be tricky. So, keep these tips in mind when starting to create your Survey Form:

  • Stay on the Reading Level of your audience. This refers to keeping your Survey Questionnaire in a simple and clear manner. The language should be easily understandable by anyone when you plan to conduct your survey in a general setting.
  • Short and concise is the key. Boredom hits the respondents in a fast-paced period, therefore, cut down your questions and lessen your choices to have a more relevant set.
  • Avoid requiring your respondents. Most likely, when respondents are required to completely fill out a Survey Form, they will end the survey or state false answers. All a surveyor can do have optional fields and encourage the respondents to answer the questions.

Though there are many types of Survey Methods, the main point of having the survey should answer the surveyor’s inquiry of what sort of idea he needs to prove in granting the questions to his audience. Lastly, before presenting a Survey Form to the respondent, the surveyor must hand a Survey Consent Form as a written permit to whether the respondent will be participating in the survey or not.

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