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Trial and error is a known strategy for people who are inclined to creating and fixing objects. However, when it comes to technical and technological matters, it is significant that the right person such as a professional adviser will handle and fix what needs to be fixed. With this, tech support specialists are being hired in companies to assure that customers and clients will be able to receive remarks and instructions about their addressed concerns. And to ensure that the hired employees are doing their job well, companies provide and mandate tech support satisfaction surveys for their clients on a regular basis.

Online Technical Support Satisfaction Survey Form

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What Is a Tech Support Satisfaction Survey Form?

A tech support satisfaction survey form is intended to be used by clients and customers of tech support specialists. The form will allow the customer or the respondent to rate the expertise of the specialist along with other essential factors in a company. Some survey forms include a section for the customer’s general information and contact details. Nonetheless, the decision of disclosing a name and phone number lies upon the respondent and should not be a mandatory rule for any company.

What’s Rated in a Tech Support Satisfaction Survey Form?

There are several aspects rated in a tech support satisfaction survey form and below are some of the following:

1. The abilities of the support specialists

This refers to the knowledge, his response time toward the questions of the clients, the quality of the resolutions that he presented, as well as the attitude of the specialist. You may also see examples of survey forms.

2. Overall assessment

Aside from the abilities of the specialist, the form will also cater the feedback of the customer regarding the effectivity of the whole company in meeting his needs and concerns. The overall assessment will indicate whether the customer was satisfied with the process, period, and the staff who helped him toward solving his technical issues.

3. Less satisfactory performance

This allows the respondent to state and enlist the performances of the staff for the duration of finding a resolution. The statements of the customer are often catered in a box where comments and other suggestions can be indicated so that the company can acquire further analysis of the reason for the customer’s ratings. You may also like survey form samples.

4. Competitor rating

This refers to how the customer compares the company from the other competitors in the same business industry. With the competitor rating, the company will be able to know if their efforts are enough to stay on top of their field or if they will need to construct ways toward keeping with the competition.

Technical Support Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

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Benefits of Using a Tech Support Satisfaction Survey Form

There are a lot of benefits when companies use tech support satisfaction survey forms and the most common among all is that it allows the company to document the ratings and feedback given by their clients. Another is that it serves as an instrument for the staff and tech support specialists to acknowledge the resolutions that they have given which helped their clients. With this information, a more effective teaching strategy will be provided to the staff for them to know how to handle their client’s needs and concerns.

Additionally, the form will aid the company to determine their level in the business field that they are in since the survey includes ratings for their competitiveness in the industry. And although most companies are busy with their every whereabouts and businesses, it is important that taking considerations and comments from the clients will always be part of the business plan since customers serve as the life of the business along with the staff and crew of the company. You may also see sample survey forms

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