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Business planning is the most crucial process when opening a business into a certain field in the industry. With this, it is significant that business owners along with their business partners know the importance of conducting a market research survey. This is a procedure that allows a business enterprise to collect information and analyze the data into an effective business plan. The procedure must be accompanied by a market research survey form which should be provided to the respondents of the survey.

Why Use a Market Research Survey Form?

The reasons and the benefits of using a market research survey form mainly surround the importance of documentation in a business. With the proper documentation, the company will be able to gather a consensus and the ratings of the respondents regarding their products and services. By having the survey, the company can identify who their target customers and business partners are as well as set practical goals for their company. Understanding the current status of the company will also be easier with the figures, answers, and numbers found on the responses of the respondents. With this, better strategies will be distinguished along with the resolution of the company’s issues and glitches. You may also see examples of survey forms

Consumer Market Research Survey Form

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What Is a Consumer Market Research Survey Form?

A consumer market research survey form is used only for the target consumers of a business company who are commonly known as clients and customers. The form focuses on the intention of the company to acquire a customer feedback and customer satisfaction rating for their products and the services that they have provided within a specific period. This form allows clients to state their concerns and the issues that they have encountered as they transacted business with the company. Also, the company will be able to know the types of people who are the common purchasers and clients in their business which will aid them in developing tactics in promoting more varieties and range of individuals to be their future clients.

The form is composed of four sections which have the household information of the client as the first set of questionnaire to be answered by the respondents. The second and third sections are allotted for the price estimations of the respondents regarding the products and the services of the company. The respondent’s familiarity with the mentioned products on the form will also be determined of whether the product is widely used by the respondents or not. With this, the last section is for the identification of the client which will determine his age range, gender, ethnicity, income, marital status, and educational level. You may also like sample satisfaction survey forms

Market Research Questionnaire Survey Form

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What Is a Market Research Questionnaire Survey Form?

Compared to the aforementioned consumer market research survey form, this document does not focus on the consumers and customers, rather than the strategies and marketing plans of the company. The first part of the form is a client information section that will identify the company owner or the respondent such as his name, contact information, residential address, and the name of his company. The second part of the form is allotted for the market information of the company which refers to the respondent’s ideas, inventions or products, and his thoughts about the company’s target market. Additionally, the estimated market size, market growth, and the potential of the company are also stated in this section. You may also like customer service survey forms

The third part of the form centers on the business and the commercialization strategies of the respondent toward sustaining his company in the industry, while the last part is for catering the questions of the respondents and comments about the market research. Although it is not entirely mandatory to provide a question, it can be an efficient tool for the surveyor to acknowledge the other issues and problems that the respondent is concerned about. You may also check out follow-up survey forms

Other matters that can be discussed on the form are the capacity of the company to meet with their competitions in the industry and their advantage against the competing companies. Industry trends and economic fluctuations can also be included to determine the readiness of the respondent toward changes in the society and the needs of the consumers. You may also see software survey forms

Steps in Creating a Market Research Survey Form

Customizing a document to meet the needs and the goals of a company is always the key toward having a successful survey process. With this, the steps below will guide any businessman to create his company’s market research survey form:

1. Add the company’s header and a thank you letter.

The company’s header must consist of the logo and name which will then be followed by a thank-you letter addressed to the respondents. The letter is significant to acknowledge the gratitude of the company regarding the choice of the respondent to be part of the survey and contribute his thoughts to the company’s improvement.

2. Separate questions into categories and choose what type of rating method will be used.

This step is more in the decision-making strategy of the company. The questions must be separated into groups such as client information, product rating, service rating, and overall company feedback. By categorizing the questions, the respondent will have a smooth flowing process in answering and completing the form. You may also see survey form templates

On the other hand, the rating method must be chosen as well. This refers to whether the company will use a rating scale, a set of checkboxes, or a multiple choice option for the respondents. It is essential that the company will use a single rating method to secure that the document will promote uniformity and an ease in the analyzation process. You may also like sample customer survey forms

3. Arrange the categories.

Basically, the general information questionnaire for identifying the client or respondent must be the first category to be stated on the form. This will then be followed by the product, services, and other aspects to be rated for the company. The categories must also have titles to inform the respondent about the subjects to be discussed and scored.

4. Incorporate the rating method into each question and a comment section for each category.

The rating method will serve as the tool for the respondent to indicate his answers about the question or subject being focused on each category. A total score section can also be indicated at the bottom of each category to allocate an area where the company business management can sum up the ratings given by the respondent. In addition, the comment section is also necessary for gathering the explanations and the statements of the respondents without giving them a limitation of how they must narrate their thoughts.

5. Include an agreement statement.

When conducting surveys, companies must assure that they have a legal consent from their respondents to use the answers as well as the comments of the respondents for their study. The confidential agreement will not only serve as a protection for the respondents but also the company since it will be a proof that a respondent agreed to the terms and conditions related to the research survey.

Tips for an Effective Market Research Survey

All around the Internet, businessmen can find tons of tips to acquire an effective market research survey. However, there are three main and significant tips that any businessman and company should consider and these are as follows:

1. Focus on the goal and choose the right survey method

Everything begins with the right plan and the right choices. This tip refers to determining what the actual objective of doing the survey is and what is the goal that the company must reach for. And since there are two main methods of conducting surveys through interviews and questionnaires the company must choose the type that suits their research timeline or period, and their objective. Specifically, for survey interviews, the company should choose between having a personal interview or a phone interview with their respondents. On the other hand, a questionnaire survey can be done by personally handing the survey form to the respondent or by sending the document as an electronic mail attachment.

2. Discuss, disseminate tasks, and test out

By introducing the market research survey to the whole management, disseminating responsibilities and obligations will become easier since each person will understand the need for them to perform their roles to contribute for the company’s success. Testing out the form to the management is a type of review strategy that will determine what subjects and questions must be added to fulfill the objective of the survey. You may also check out vendor survey form samples

3. Administer and analyze

After assigning and reviewing the details of the research survey, administering the process to the targeted respondents must be done as soon as the management is prepared. Delaying the survey process will also cause a delay in addressing concerns and analyzing the data that the respondents should have provided. You may also see sample supplier survey forms

Although conducting a survey can be a tough task for any company, it is a significant procedure to engage the respondents toward the company’s goals and objectives in catering for their needs and satisfaction. Nonetheless, companies must not halt after the survey is accomplished since the completion of the survey signifies the beginning of the company’s period to provide a resolution and solve evident issues in their organization. You may also like survey consent form samples

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