Cleaning services have been widely popular nowadays since the average person cleans the house for only an hour. The other twenty-three hours are spent sleeping or doing work. This routine leaves the different areas of the home prone to dust and germs gathering and eventually settling until the area is cleaned.

When the cleaning is in progress, the owner of the home or unit is not usually there. If we want to ensure that the cleaning has been done or that the one who cleaned the room is a professional, we typically look at the cleaning service receipt’s business information and contact the people handling the service for confirmation.

What Is a Cleaning Service Receipt?

A standard receipt is a type of formal business document that keeps track of transactions, services, or goods, done between the customer and the seller. A cleaning service receipt focuses on recording the cleaning services being given to a customer’s home, furniture, car, etc.

A receipt has other uses aside from keeping track of the transactions or giving legal proof to the customer once the business completes the service. A receipt can act like a standard report to a business or company since it documents transactions. A customer can also use a receipt as valid proof for experiencing bad customer service.

There are times when a receipt is seen as an invoice and vice versa. A receipt and an invoice are similar in a manner that these two documents present a list of items to a customer. However, both documents differ based on when the client receives them. A commercial invoice is provided before the customer pays.

An invoice is a formal business document that requires the customer to give a return authorization, so the seller will know that the list of items the customers have requested are correct. On the other hand, a receipt is another official business document that is given to the customer as proof that they have received the goods or services.

3+ Cleaning Service Sample Receipts

A cleaning service receipt is a generic type of formal business document that encompasses a lot of areas that deal with cleaning. This receipt can touch upon other cleaning services such as dry cleaning, house cleaning, pool cleaning, vehicle cleaning, pet grooming, and so much more.

Displayed below are six examples of cleaning service receipts that differ in the situation being presented on the sample. All of the samples have similar structure and form. Carefully examine all of the samples, and try to see if there are any differences between each sample.

Dry Cleaning Receipt

File Format
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Size: 14.8KB


Service Receipt Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 15.7KB


Cleaning Receipt

File Format
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Size: 5.8KB


Sample Cleaning Service Receipt

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Size: 16.9KB


Types of Cleaning Services

There is only one structure of a receipt but there are various types of cleaning services. Companies have a monthly or yearly cleaning contracts with a cleaning service business since there are areas of the building that must be handled by a professional.

Although there are various types of cleaning services, the ones shown below are for widely accessible and highly needed services. According to, these are the eight most relevant examples of cleaning services:

1. Window Cleaning

This type of service is not limited to one-story homes only. Have you seen the windows from forty-story buildings? Those windows are included in this service. Windows from multiple-story buildings are challenging to clean but you need them to still appear neat just in case you have guests coming.

2. Disaster Cleaning

True to its name, this service specializes in cleaning homes or other facilities that have been damaged by small to large-scale disasters such as water leakage, fire damaged disaster, weather-based disaster, etc.

3. Blind Cleaning

Blinders are challenging to clean, and feather dusters aren’t enough to do the job. Cleaning services for this situation are also popular since there are offices that have large and tall blinders that could take weeks or even months to get the cleaning they need.

4. Pressure Washing

This type of service makes use of high-pressure water spray that removes any form of dirt from surfaces. This type is especially suited for cleaning vehicles of any kind and size.

5. Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms direly need to be cleaned daily. Imagine a toilet not being flushed for a week. If left unchecked, the smells and dirt will eventually gather and combine, creating a pig sty-like room.

6. Chimney Sweeping

Similar to restrooms, chimneys need to be cleaned frequently to prevent molds and dirt from clustering. If left for weeks, the dirt might become harder to clean, so daily or weekly maintenance must be given.

7. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

One of the most prioritized services is the ceiling and wall cleaning service. This type of cleaning service must be the first to be handled since anyone quickly notices a dirty ceiling or wall. It will be embarrassing for a company if its walls and ceilings are not cleaned.

8. Post Death and Trauma Cleaning

This type of service is highly needed since crimes keep happening, and someone is bound to get killed. It will be inadequate to look at if the roads or streets are still filled with blood.

How to Create a Cleaning Service Receipt

Here are a few tips on how to create your professional cleaning service receipts. Carefully take note of the steps and tips that we have provided during the creation process.

Step 1: Decide What Type of Cleaning Service Receipt You Will Create

As we have previously mentioned, there are various cleaning services. Choose a type of cleaning service that you want to focus on. Keep in mind what cleaning service your business will provide and place that on your receipt.

Step 2: Use Default Fonts

Default font styles are widely used since these fonts appear more formal than the rest of the fonts. Utilize a font based on how easy it is to be read by a customer. Do not use font styles that hinder an easy reading.

Step 3: Company Information and Purchased Item List

Do not forget to place your business information, such as your business’s contact numbers, addresses, and emails. Your business information is necessary, so the customer may contact you if problems may arise or if they have further inquiries.

Step 4: Place a Logo, If You Want One

Some receipts do not necessarily require logos to avoid having to pay more during printing. However, if you do want to place a logo, do put it on the uppermost part of the document.

Step 5: Give Your Judgment

After creating the document, all that is left for you to do is to have it evaluated. Never let grammatical or contextual errors be seen in your receipts. You may refer to other receipts when checking for any mistakes in your document.

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