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A self-evaluation form is a type of form that is used as a means of knowing one’s self. This is done by making the person evaluate themselves. Although this practice may seem strange and biased, it is actually an effective way of evaluating someone. This is because whatever their standards they set for themselves will be used as the required standard they have for their efficiency and productivity. Creating evaluation forms for self-evaluation is often times ignored since companies prefer to use the standard evaluation forms directly over using self-evaluation forms.

The importance of evaluation of employee performance is that evaluating of employees performance would cause the employee to begin performing better or be ready to be removed from their position.

6 Must Do’s in Writing Your Self-Evaluation

Everything has those things you can and cannot do, for this topic we are going to focus on the five dos and five don’ts of making a self-evaluation

  • Be descriptive about your achievements and successes in your evaluation.
  • As much as possible evaluate yourself as honestly as possible so as to avoid issues later on.
  • Include your potentials. Meaning list down what’s your potential development is when you continue your current progress.
  • Be professional, avoid using slang words or inappropriate words when evaluating yourself.
  • List the challenges you are facing when performing your task.
  • Always use Sample Self-Evaluation Forms to save time in making the form.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Self-Evaluation Form

If you are in need of making your own evaluation form or some Employee Self-Evaluation Forms, if you follow these tips in making a self-evaluation form here then there will be no need to worry. Here are the tips:

  • Always check if there are any available online templates that you can use as a reference on the format of the self-evaluation form.
  • When filling up the self-evaluation form always be honest to the facts.
  • List down the things you have learned from the task you are evaluating yourself for.
  • Stick to the topic, avoid making off topic comments to the evaluation.
  • Attach proof of your accomplishments as necessary.

How to Fill Out an Employee Self Evaluation Form

Filling out your self-evaluation form or a Performance Evaluation Form about your own performance may cause you to wonder how or what you should fill your evaluation form with, the answer is quite simple if you just follow these tips:

  • Be specific with what you have achieved.
    • List down all of your known achievements, regardless how small an achievement it is.
  • Name all of your flaws and problems.
    • Openly stating your own flaws is actually a great way to earn you employers trust, this simple fact is often overlooked by many because they figure a more positive report is preferred, but in reality, companies are looking for employees who are open with all of their flaws and are humble with their achievements.
  • List down suggestions on how you can improve your laws.
    • Owning up to your flaws is another great way to make your self-evaluation form seem more honest and effective than other people’s evaluation forms.
    • Stating suggestions to overcome your flaws will tell the evaluator that you are indeed trying to improve for the sake of the company.

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