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Before we can discuss how to fill out a physical examination form we will first need to know what a physical examination form is. So what is a physical examination or physical form? A physical examination form is a type of form used as a means of measuring and analyzing one’s physical performance and whether they are fit for a certain task or not. This is a common form to be submitted especially when one wishes to apply for a job interview to a certain job.

One example of a job that requires you to submit a form of physical examination would be when you are applying for a job that requires you to drive a vehicle of any sorts such as a taxi, bus or Limousine. In this instance, however, a different type of physical form will be needed the form that will be needed is a DOT physical form where DOT stands for Department of Transportation.

How to Write a Physical Examination Form

Writing a physical examination form can be quite challenging if the format is unknown to you. However, there are guides on how you can make a physical examination form found here in this article:

  • Use a sample physical form in PDF format to simplify the process of making a physical examination form.
  • Begin with adding fields or areas for allowing the receiver of the form to input their general information. General information can be classified as the name of the person, the age of the person, address, contact numbers and in some cases information about the person family as well.
  • Add in a table and input in the table a checklist type system that will allow the receiver to check off what requirements they have already gathered and what requirements they still need.
  • Add in fields that will be inputted by a licensed medical practitioner only.
  • Have an area in the form to be signed by the medical practitioner as well as the receiver of the form.

Depending on the purpose of your need for an examination form the type of form to be used may be changed. For example, sports athletes will be required to submit a Sports Physical Form where it will be more focused on identifying a person’s ability to compete in any sports event.

How to Fill Out a Physical Examination Form

Filling out a physical examination form or a Physical Exam Form is actually quite simple due to the fact that the task is mostly done by the medical practitioner in charge of the examination with minor input from the subject. These inputs include the basic and general information of the subject. From the perspective of the subject, they will need to fill up the form by:

  • As stated above input their general information.
  • Input any history of past ailments and hospitalizations.
  • Any past injuries and hereditary traits.

Now, from the perspective of the examiner, they will need to fill up the form with:

  • Information about the output of the physical examinations such as the physical condition of the subject as well as the current medical condition of the subject such as their eye sight, strength, cognitive ability, body excrements as well as some blood samples.

What to Include in a Physical Examination Form

When creating a Physical Examination Form, it is important to not the addition of some fields, these being:

  • The name of the subject
  • Their information
  • A list of common hereditary traits made in a checkbox format.
  • A list of common ailments.
  • A list of all the needed medical requirements.

Guidelines and Tips to Fill Out a Physical Examination Form

Physical examination forms are a great tool in ensuring that the person your are hiring is in top physical condition and is able to cope with the stress of working in that area. Here are some tips on how to fill up your physical examination form whenever you need to do so you will need to:

  • Keep in mind the credibility of the medical institution.
  • Be very specific with your past medical history.
  • Feel free to use a generic physical form as needed.

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