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The major reason people conduct transaction particularly purchasing is to gain some precious product that they like the most. If you want to collect horses, breeding, or any related activities, then buying and selling horses will become common activity in your life. However, to conduct such transaction of horses’ sale, you have to know about Bill of Sale Form which has the role as legal transaction record between the buyer and seller of a horse.

Horse Bill of Sale with First Right of Refusal

horse bill of sale with first right of refusal

Right of first refusal is granted under a contract that needs the buyer or receiver of the horse, under particular terms and conditions provide the seller a chance to own the horse again if or when the buyer wants to leave with the horse.

Equine Bill of Sale Template

equine bill of sale template

Horse bill of sale form can be described as a legal document that contains the details essential when a horse is sold. Important information has to be included in the draft. Horse bill of sale form is a document created to bring in benefits for both the buyer and the seller.

Alabama Bill of Sale for Conveyance of Horse

alabama bill of sale for conveyance of horse

According to this form, the buyer understands that there is no warranty of merchantability or fitness of the horse and is being sold ‘as it is’ or ‘with all faults’ it possess. The buyer also confirms, according to this form, that he/she has pre-examined the horse at his/her expense before making this agreement.

Horse Bill of Sale and Agreement

horse bill of sale and agreement

In this form, details about the buyer, seller and the horse are needed. The seller and buyer mentions their name, signature, address, details of the horse and the amount to be paid by the seller in this form. Horse Bill of Sale makes the transaction more safe and formal indeed.

Horse Bill of Sale Form Free Download

horse bill of sale form free download

In this form the buyer and seller have to provide their name, address, and phone number, amount to be paid, and form of payment, work information and signature. Additionally, the seller has to provide about the horse including name, color, height, age, breed, horse’s dam, and horse’s sire.

Sample Horse Bill of Sale Form

sample hourse bill o sale form

First point of horse bill of sale is about the details of the horse such as color, name, sex, and breed of the horse. Date of birth, application number and marks are also required. Both buyer and seller confirm that sales, use, VAT, or other tax will arise out of this transaction.

Horse Bill of Sale and Agreement Free Download

horse bill of sale and agreement free download

Buyer agrees that he/she had the horse examined and has also initiated other tests appropriate to check whether the horse is acceptable or not. He also agrees that he/she has received ample time to arrange such tests and seller is not responsible concerning the accuracy of the test results.

Usage of Horse Bill of Sale

  • In this agreement the seller gives only one warranty that he has the title to the said horse and the buyer agrees that he/she has examined the horse. Surprisingly, the law generally permits few choices. As one choice, the owner of the right of first refusal can sue for losses (money). The person can claim that the person he was wrongly deprived of the horse and, as a consequence, he/she has lost money. This type of claim is difficult to prove. Another option, if the owner of the right comes to know about the sale before the event then they can stop it from taking place.
  • The buyer agrees that he will move the horse from the seller’s place on the specified date and if he can’t move then he has to pay the seller the mentioned amount for the horse’s care and other expenses. If any one of buyer and seller breaches the agreement, the other person will have the right to recover expenses and costs. Useful Boat Bill of Sale Forms

     Some other Uses

  • The horse bill of sale permits transfer of an equine from one person to another. This legal form should be filled in the notary public presence as it acts as a bonding agreement once it is signed. The horse should be possessed on the date of sale unless otherwise recorded.
  • There are some considerations to help to create proper template of such Horse Bill of Sale which most buyers and sellers don’t understand. This provision varies for every transaction. The buyer is responsible to notify the seller about all the risks, penalties and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Benefits of Horse Bill of Sale

  • Seller reserves right of first refusal if anytime in the life of the horse, the receiver or Buyer is unwilling or unable to keep the Horse. Before drafting the horse bill of sale form, it is essential to ensure that all laws and ordinances that govern the horse selling activity in the state/country are appropriately respected.
  • If the buyer rejects to pre-examine the horse, he/she will not have any right to claim action against the seller for any defects pertaining to the horse. The parties admit that all merchandising between them with regard to representations, terms of sale and payment are combined with the terms of this agreement.
  • In this Agreement, Seller has made the horse accessible for such inspections as Buyer deems proper and Buyer confirms that seller neither provide any warranty that the horse is fertile nor of the fitness of the horse for racing or breeding purposes. Here the buyers and seller needs to disclose all the commissions, the name of the person who contracted and is responsible.

Some Other Benefits

  • According to this agreement, the seller confirms to sell, assign, transfer, and convey full possession of the horse on the terms and conditions accepted by the buyer. The purchase price and the last date of payment are mentioned.
  • Before delivery and full payment of the purchase price in a given time, the right to possess the horse remains with the Seller. Buyer confirms that he/she will arrange to take possession of the horse from the horse’s current place. He/she also agrees that after the delivery of the horse, all risk of loss will pass from seller to buyer.
  • According to the terms of this Agreement, after the delivery of the horse, seller shall promote the Jockey Club Certificate for the horse if the buyer instructs and shall provide that Certificate as if instructed. Seller guarantees the Buyer will get clear ownership and title to the horse without any claims made by the Seller.

Process of Wording a Right of First Refusal Clause:

If Buyer wishes to sell the Horse, Buyer confirms to contact Seller and permit Seller the first chance to purchase the Horse.  Seller also reserves right of first refusal to accept the Horse back should Buyer desire to place the Horse in a new home, however, does not want any money back. Above example is not appropriate for every situation as certain contracts impose time limitation on the right of first refusal offered to the former seller.

Availability of Online Forms

There was time when one had to buy forms manually for purchasing horse. However, now you can get these forms easily online. You can also download and save in Word or PDF formats in just one single click. You may think about the region in which this form was created. But don’t worry as these forms will be applicable for any region. You can also download form online and print them which are available in our website. These forms are error free and effortlessly downloadable. In case, you want us to customize the form according to your needs will be happy to help you. can also use Bill of Sale for Firearms

Things You Should Know About Horse Bill of Sale Form

  •  Horse sellers and rescues are at risk of encountering a problem as the seller imagined a “right of first refusal” would permit him the opportunity to own the horse in the future; however, he/she violated the agreement by not giving the former owner the opportunity to re-purchase.
  • Some contracts specify time and amount to be paid to re-purchase the horse. Some clauses show that in case the owner receives an offer to buy the horse and is inclined to accept the offer, the owner must first permit the former owner opportunity to beat that offer within specified time.
  • Horse bill of sale form will usually mention the horse’s name, age, height, color, name of sire, name of dam, breed, and various unique features or markings. There is the likelihood to mention a health warranty. If there are some health problems, this clause will be revised to fit the situation present.

Horse Bill of Sale Form is very important for anyone who likes horse riding, horse auctioning and events such as horse racing as they may like to buy horse in future. It acts as a proof that they had sold or purchased a horse. Both the buyers and sellers keep this agreement for future reference. All the signs must be signed by both the parties as a proof of the transaction.

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