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Do you want to create a short film or commercial? The usual commercial hosts one famous brand name or logo along with a not-so well-structured story. However, as a new videographer in the advertising scene, you want to try making a commercial with at least two brand logos or names in the video. You file a consent to appropriation of name form to avoid the two brands suing you when you use their names and logos in the final edit of the video. Nothing is horrific than having a case filed against you saying that you used a brand’s name without consent on our first day at work.

Before defining a consent to appropriation of name form, we must first know what is copyright since this is the law that is being focused by the legal form. What is copyright? According to, copyright is a “collection of rights” given to the creator or owner of a set of original works, protecting the unique content from being mass-produced by another person or company without asking the creator’s permission.

What is consent, and why does it matter? Consent is a legal and official way of using the creator’s content without being sued. The person who asked for the creator’s permission may use the original works in television commercials, printed reading materials, and others more. A consent form functions like a citation, where you are not plagiarizing or imitating another’s style or work illegally.

A consent to appropriation of name form functions like any other consent form, which is to ask permission to use the company brand name or logo in a commercial, short film, magazine, etc. without being sued by the owner. Being sued could mean many dollars being used to pay for any copyright damages you may have incurred. One must be smart and avoid such controversy by adequately using the consent to appropriation of name form.

From the only examples we have presented below, you must carefully examine and dissect the contents and structures of each sample form. You may compare and contrast each of the elements you have between each sample.

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A consent form has only one structure and style, but this file can be used in different scenarios and purposes. Here are five situations wherein a consent form must be used to avoid such hassle. The structure is used as it is, asking permission to use the company name or creator’s work legally.

1. For TV Commercials

The most common among the types of name appropriation situations. This situation is evident whenever you turn on the TV and commercials pop-in. Usually, it is the company that pays the network to be given exposure. However, there are instances when it is the other way around. For example, Marvel allowed Shell to sell Marvel figurines whenever people buy a certain amount of oil from them. You may have seen this advertisement as it was already there for quite some time.

2. For TV Series

Television or web series has been filing permission forms to broadcast a brief shot of the main protagonist buying a coffee in Starbucks or a McDonald’s employee bursting out of the door since she wants to quit already. Scenes like what we just mentioned are brief but still pricey. Owners of such brands do not hesitate to sue television or web series if they aren’t paid a certain amount when their facility, name, or product is even just a tiny moment in a show.

3. For Movies

For movies, it is similar to television shows. A small and straightforward moment could mean big money for big brands.

4. For Promotional Printed Materials

There are times when magazines place a section for a specific brand name in an issue. You will see such scenarios when a magazine is trying to go with the trend, trying to be the first to publish an article about the famous brand’s new product or service. In this setting, it is the magazine that asks for permission from the brand or company to publish the article about them.

5. For Satirical Purposes

There are instances when a brand or company allows for satirical essays to use their name as an example. This type of situation is never without an exchange or a benefit. When companies do not file a case against the one who wrote the satire, then it must mean that the company has been given something in return.

Here are a few tips and steps on how to fill up a consent appropriation of name form so you will not be sued for using the Starbucks product in your commercial video proposal.

Step 1: The Consenting Association

Write in the brand or company that you need to have a legal consent or permission to use one of their facilities or products.

Step 2: Address of the Consenting Association, Etc.

Remember the address of the consenting association and the other brands that you wish to include. Write in their address on the verification form.

Step 3: The Date that the Consenting Association Formed

Remember to jot down the date of when the consenting association was founded or formed. You may also include details as to why it was created or established.

You must write down the name of your company and the reason why you want to use the consenting company’s logo and name. You may state that you wish to put a branch or product information of the brand in a commercial or in a short film.

Step 5: Check the Boxes, and Fill Up the Blanks

Check the boxes that have an answer that corresponds to your situation. Fill up the remaining blanks that require more detail about the consent or permission verification.

Step 6: Review Your Answers

Review all of your answers. What you have written down might some grammatical, contextual, or informational errors. So review it again to correct any remaining mistakes that you have missed on the initial editing stage.

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