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Opening a business is as expensive as buying a new residential property. However, aside from the expenses, time, and the efforts of an individual for him to obtain documents associated with a purchase transaction are also factors that result to a possible change of decision leading to choosing to rent out a place or leasing items that are needed.

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In the case of business-minded individuals who want to have a company space and office equipment for starting a business, an office lease agreement contract form is the appropriate document to use.

Office Lease Agreement Contract Form

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What Is an Office Lease Agreement Contract Form?

An office lease agreement contract form is a document that is used by a business company owner who will be renting or leasing out materials and office space for opening his business. The form is provided by the landlord of a property and a contractor or a supplier who offers material and furniture lease for business intentions. Just like any other lease agreements, having this type of document ensures that the parties involved are aware of the rules and regulations, as well as the laws that govern the lease.

Business Center Office Lease Agreement Contract Form

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Examples of Office Lease Agreement Contract Forms

Office lease agreement contract forms can be used for different types of rental purposes associated with company offices and businesses. Below are the common examples of office lease agreement contract forms that business owners will be required to sign by a lessor or the owner of the property being leased:

1. Office Building Lease Agreement Contract Form – This contract has a basic lease information page which is for indicating the type of lease, the lease period and date, the contact information of the tenant, the landlord’s identification details, the location of the property, and the additional fees that accompany the payment for the lease. The tenant and the landlord must affix their signatures after the information page to certify and imply a validation of the statements and claims.

Forty-three clauses and sections comprise an office building lease agreement contract form which includes terms regarding rental adjustments and contract assignments, certificates and liens, approval of the lender, and various exhibits or proof that the lease occurred between the two parties. Additionally, a drafted outline of the premises and the building rules and regulations must be incorporated on the form as a part of the document’s exhibits.

Office Building Lease Agreement Contract Form

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2. Office Furniture Lease Agreement Contract Form – Buying new furniture sets to fill in an office space can be expensive to new companies, which is why there are business enterprises who offer furniture lease options to their clients. With an office furniture lease agreement contract form, a business company owner will be able to rent pieces of furniture and materials for his business such as office swivel chairs and tables. This lease contract is shorter than other documents since it contains only twelve sections including the signature block or area where the lessor and the lessee will affix their signatures to begin executing the contract.

The details of the lease, charges that are associated with the lease, a damage waiver clause, late payments and return check fees, security deposits and interests, and the mandated responsibilities of the lessee toward maintaining the functionality of the office premises are some of the sections found in this contract. You may also see sample contractor contract forms.

Office Furniture Lease Agreement Contract Form

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3. Office Sharing Lease Agreement Contract Form – This is commonly used by attorneys, lawyers, and all other professionals who want to share an office space with a colleague of the same business field and expertise. The form contains the laws and the mandatory obligations of the involved parties to be responsible for their actions in the office area as well as for each of their personally owned equipment and materials. Although the office space is shared, it is important that each of the parties will have their own telephone and communication lines, client information protocol, and other matters that relate to their job or business individually and separately. You may also see contract forms in PDF.

Office Sharing Lease Agreement Contract Form

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How to Create an Office Sharing Lease Agreement Contract Form

When it comes to operating in work and in small business, it is important that distractions and noise will not be evident since this can contribute to the failure of a business and the productivity of the workers. However, sharing an office space may not be appropriate for every business but it also provides a few benefits such as a lower lease price compared to renting out an office individually. With this, if two people choose the option to share a space and their rental obligations, then they must follow the steps below to create an effective and executable office sharing lease agreement contract form:

1. Introduce the parties.

Make the introduction or the preamble by incorporating a statement that the parties whose names are disclosed have agreed to construct and execute a lease contract. The date of when the contract will begin to be executed must also be stated as well as the period of execution or the date when the contract will be terminated and closed. You may also see sample real estate sales contract forms.

2. State the parties’ management responsibilities.

Having someone who will share an office space means having a partner for managing a business or the everyday tasks. With this, a management section will determine what the role of each party is and what they must submit at the end of a year such as completed business budget forms and amendments for the company’s manual of policies.

3. Indicate the property details.

The description of the property, lists of inclusions of the lease, and the property’s diagrams must be included in the form. Additionally, the rules regarding the responsibility of each party to obtain individual furniture, drapes, coverings, printers, and computers should also be stated along with the exception of operating the research and educational materials in the premises of the property. You may also see free sales agreement forms.

4. Incorporate regulations pertaining to the parties’ accounts.

This section centers on informing both parties that their bank accounts must be operated individually as well as keeping records of their own receipts, expenses or reimbursements, and financial requests sent from other entities. This is also the section where the costs and payments for the lease will be specified in order to acknowledge the percentage that each party will be providing and what areas of the property will need to be paid regularly. You may also see service contract forms.

5. Have a statement that focuses on the importance of separateness and individuality.

Separateness ensures that the identities of both parties will not be interchanged and misused by their clients. With this, the rules regarding the use of telephone lines, signboards, and advertisements are detailed on the form. You may also see consulting agreement forms.

6. State rules for client and employee obligations.

Although both parties can work on one client in order to provide sufficient services, they must ensure that the division of labor and service payments are equally based on what they have provided. Nevertheless, the responsibilities of both parties toward their own hired employees and staff must be outlined in the agreement as well. For instance, if one of the parties will be having a job application period for applicants, then the other party can lend a hand but must not interfere with the decisions of who will be hired to fill in a vacant seat in the company.

7. Indicate the party’s license responsibilities.

An individual can acquire his profession by maintaining and updating his license certificate forms that are related to his expertise. However, for a business, it is essential that both parties have obtained their certificates and are legally licensed by the state to have their own company and be a service provider. In order to have an assurance that both parties will be operating their businesses legally, a license responsibility statement must be indicated on the form. This focuses on requiring both parties to have a license or else the contract will be terminated immediately.

8. Enlist clauses and resolutions addressing a withdrawal.

This clause must state what situations and incident will qualify for a party to be terminated or withdrawn from the contract such as death, failure to grant a payment, and a violation to any of the rules mentioned in the contract. You may also see consulting sample agreement forms.

9. Include a statement about the laws governing the contract.

The laws that will govern a contract depends on what the professions and the businesses of the involved parties are. For lawyers, their state’s Arbitration Association regulations will be the governing laws for the contract while for general businesses, the state’s laws itself will be protecting the contract. You may also see consultant agreement form samples.

10. Add a signature block.

This is the last part of an office sharing lease agreement contract form that must have areas where both parties can sign and indicate the date of when they agreed on the contract. You may also see consulting contract forms.

Virtual Office Lease Agreement Contract Form

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Tips for Using Office Lease Agreement Contract Forms

Using office lease agreement contract forms is easy especially with the guidance of a legal attorney. However, when using this form, it is important that the following tips will be kept in the mind of the user or the parties who will sign the lease for them to have an assurance that their agreement will be efficient and successful:

  • Enclose necessary paperwork. Ranging from the outline of the property, the diagram of a material or furniture, up to the duplicate copy of a security deposit receipt, an office lease agreement contract must not be submitted solely but with accompanying documents to help in defining what is being rented and determining if a property has been priced right by the lessor. Photographs of the leased item should also be included to ensure that damages will be distinguished by the owner once the item is returned by the lessee.
  • Address all concerns and issues. Before agreeing and signing a lease, a tenant or a lessee must ask lease inquiry questions to the lessor. These questions should focus on addressing issues that can arise in the duration of the lease, such as the maintenance responsibilities of the lessee and the number of people or workers allowed to stay in an office space. You may also see consulting agreement form samples.
  • Review the lease. The need for conducting a document review for the lease is to ensure that all the statements, clauses, provisions, and regulations included in the lease have met the standards and the requirements of the state. This can be done with the expertise of a lawyer as well as a legal consultant who specializes lease agreements and legal services contracts. Also, the review process will help the parties in knowing what they must omit from the lease and what other matters they must include in order to make sure that they will meet the purpose of their agreement.

With the aforementioned steps and tips, anyone will be able to create and acknowledge the importance of having an office lease agreement contract form when transacting an agreement with the sole purpose of renting and leasing something. Nevertheless, a duplicate of the lease must be kept by all the involved parties to ensure that future claims about the lease will be proven to the court. You may also see sample consulting agreement forms.

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