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What is a Physical Examination Form?

In a hospital, the different medical professionals and staff members carry different medical documents that cater to the different medical services and procedures. These different medical documents serve an important purpose to the patient and the medical staff. One of these medical documents is the physical examination form.

The physical examination form is used in a hospital and other medical centers because it contains the appropriate format and content to record data from a patient’s medical check-up. The data of the form focuses on the patient’s physical fitness and overall physical health. Medical staff can easily create these forms with the help of Physical Examination Forms Examples found online.

What are the Important Elements of a Physical Examination Form?

The Physical Examination Form is considered to be a basic medical document that is usually encountered by doctors and patients. This type of medical examination form can be customizes to cater specific situations. Student’s Physical Examination Forms are used in physical check-ups conducted in school and universities.

This form records the physical health data of students. Another example would be Doctor Physical Examination Forms which focuses on the doctor’s state of physical health.

The physical examination form can be used as a reference or basis for a patient’s medical history as well as the progress with their physical health. It is considered to be a reliable medical document because its corresponding elements contribute to its accuracy and reliability.

The first element of the form is the inspection aspect of the form. This involves the doctor examining the patient’s skin, face, the five senses, chest, legs, muscles, and joints.

Palpation is the next element which is all about checking the lymph nodes and chest wall.

Percussion is an element that tackles sounds produced when doctor taps different parts of the body.

Auscultation is the element in which the doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heart, lugs, neck, and abdominal area.

How to Fill out a Physical Examination Form, Step by Step

The content and format is formulated to its best because Physical Examination Forms Samples found in compilation books and from online sources. Other types of physical examination forms like the Army Physical Examination Forms can be created using similar methods.

An important thing to remember is that any examination form should be created in a way that the doctor understands each item being asked in the form and is able to give accurate and correct information for each of the items.

When the physical examination form has been finished to its best condition, a doctor may answer the form with ease. The form has a number of items that involve the different parts of the human body so it might take time to check all of the listed parts.

The first part of the form asks the doctor to indicate the full name of the patient, the date of birth, gender, and age. The physical exam section of the form starts with listing down the vital signs of the patient. A table full of body parts to check follows that section.

Each body part is checked accordingly and assessed if the findings are normal or abnormal. Results of this form can indicate if the patient is physically fit or not.

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