Evaluations are done to assure that the movement in a company is smooth sailing. Evaluation Forms are the documents required for undergoing an evaluation process. One type of Evaluation Form which is commonly used within companies is an employee evaluation form. The main reason for using this document is to properly know and address the needs of the employees which include specific training sessions and seminars for their improvement and to assess their capabilities of being qualified for a promotion.

When creating and filling out any Evaluation Form for employees, the evaluating person must make sure that the phases he will be using will promote a positive action and feedback for the addressed employee. Nonetheless, it must speak of what areas shall the employee needs to improve in a way of engaging him instead of dragging him down. Here are the top ten phrases that an evaluating personnel may use for his evaluation:

  • “Productively creates strategies and layout’s presentations well for meeting expectations…” This phrase should be used when dealing with the employee’s presentation evaluation. It is vital that the evaluating personnel should state what were the expectations being met by the presenter or employee during his presentation either at a board meeting or at a particular company celebration.
  • “Continuously seeks actions and procedures for dealing with administrative concerns and matters…” Managers and the people working in the higher administration of a company are also considered employees, therefore they are also subjected to evaluations with regards to their performances and abilities. Specifically, a manager evaluation form will be used for these people in order to cater the areas relating to their managerial skills.
  • “Provides support for the team and his colleagues in their tasks…” This will be useful for completing an employee leadership evaluation form during team activities and events. The employee who’s being evaluated must be a member of a team either he is a leader or simply a part of the team’s movements. With this phrase or statement, the employee will know his ability to be together with a team as the leader, and his management abilities.
  • “Positively displays harmony and enhances relationships in the office by…” Aside from being a good leader and team member, it is essential for an employee to blend in with any group in the office. This phrase will focus on the employee’s ability to cooperate during any activity in the company especially contributing ideas for the betterment of their department and work. The rating for the employee’s harmonious relationship towards his colleague may be stated in an employee meeting evaluation form which will indicate the employee’s skills of engaging the people involved in the meeting regardless of their positions and relationships.
  • “Exceptional skills in facilitating agendas and discussions…” This statement refers to an employee’s communication skills. The evaluating personnel may state this phrase in an employee communication evaluation form. The communication skills of the employee is a factor for his appraisal and promotion if proven that he is a well-rounded communicator in his department. Being able to reach out to various types of people and deal with matters relating to communication is another aspect which may be included in this evaluation.
  • “Able to appropriately recognize the needs of his colleagues through…” This is an alternative statement associated with an employee’s communication skills. With this phrase, the employer or the evaluating personnel will be able to state the actions of the employee that is connected to the employee’s interpersonal skills. Aside from an employee’s association with his colleagues, this statement may also be used for indicating an employee’s ability to properly step into his client’s shoes and achieve a better business-client relationship. This can also be written in a separate form commonly known as a marketing evaluation form to specifically state the details of the interpersonal abilities of an employee.
  • “Aids in properly delegating tasks to other employees by…” This phrase signifies the employee’s delegation skills that prove his trust towards his colleagues about particular tasks. The evaluating personnel can also do a team evaluation to know whether each member has been assigned to the areas where they are deemed as experts of the field. This statement may also be used together with the statements pertaining to an employee’s leadership skills and talents.
  • “Seeks probable alternative actions that allow a result of…” By using this statement, the evaluating personnel is showing that the employee is a fast thinker for alternative plans whenever an immediate need is demanded by his manager. This is often used by employers and managers who evaluate employees under the sales department of a company. The ability of a sales representative to provide an alternative choice for a client will be rated and will be stated with this phrase. A sale evaluation form may also be crafted for evaluating specific areas that connect to the sales department and the company’s sales statistics.
  • “Produces adequate results and knows ways of improving a traditional matter in a meaningful way such as…” This allows the evaluating personnel to state specific situations about the ideas and improvements that the person being evaluated proposed to the company. It indicates employees’ areas of productivity which will likely affect the rating for their individual employee performance evaluations.
  • “Continuously acts what he learns such as…” This will be used whenever an employee is showing and using his newly learned skills which connect to his job description for the improvement of his tasks and work. Companies who promote training sessions and other employee engagement activities aim to provide individual enhancement to each employee. With this, a training evaluation form may also be used together with the Employee Evaluation Form to acquire a knowledge about the effectiveness of a training.

These ten phrases will merely stand as phrases unless used with supporting statements and proofs from the evaluating personnel. However, regardless of the phrase being written on an evaluation form, the employee or the addressed person must take the results, ratings, and statements with full positiveness and should deliver it to himself as a way of knowing what needs to be changed and what demands to be omitted from his actions as an employee of a company.

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