As-Is Vehicle Lease Agreement Form

As-Is Vehicle Lease Agreement Form

Buying a new vehicle these days might not be considered feasible, and renting a car every day is too costly. The remaining and best choice is to lease a vehicle. Leasing a vehicle lets you drive a new or barely used car without cashing out a large sum. You only need to pay a certain percentage of the car’s value monthly until the term ends. To learn more about car leasing and its corresponding lease agreement form, continue reading this article. Read More

What Is an As-Is Vehicle Lease Agreement?


An as-is vehicle lease agreement contains the responsibilities of both the lessor and lessee to the leased vehicle. It has the necessary stipulations that ensure that the rental car will be well-taken care of and returned in the same condition when it was leased, thus maintaining the as-is condition. Other concerns, such as the vehicle’s insurance, title, and warranties of both parties, are also discussed in this document. This agreement aims to build and maintain a compatible relationship between the lessor and lessee. It also serves as a guarantee that the lessee will return the property on the end date of the lease term.

How Do You Create an As-Is Vehicle Lease Agreement?

Creating an entire agreement from scratch can be difficult. Several terms need to be covered to ensure a seamless transfer of the vehicle from the lessor to the lessee. If you do not want to start from scratch, our site offers ready-made agreement forms as well as bill of sale documents that require the fundamental details of your vehicle lease agreement. From spending hours to create a new document, you can finish one within minutes with these forms. Here are a few tips and steps on how to fill up the paper.

1. Discuss the Terms of the Lease

The first thing to do is to introduce the parties. The introduction includes the names of the parties and their respective mailing addresses. Next, the description of the motor vehicle item is also required. There should be an accurate description of the property. It is necessary for vehicles to include the vehicle’s manufacturer, model, serial number, color, and vehicle identification number. All these pieces of information avoid possible mix-ups. As for the lease term, be specific with the commencement and termination date. Include the month, date, and year. Most importantly, be specific when it comes to payment terms. Talk about the total payable amount, monthly fee, late fee deductions, and security deposit amount.

2. Review the Title and Insurance

The next part of the printable rental form talks about the ownership of the vehicle and its insurance. When it comes to leasing arrangements, the lessor still has the rights to the car, thus owning the property’s title. As for the insurance, the lessee becomes responsible for it. The insurance clause must specify the particulars of the insurance plan that the lessee must pay for.

3. Specify the Warranties

The document specifies the warranty of both the lessor and the lessee. As for the lessor, the warranty statement claims that the vehicle is free from any faults that will affect its performance. On the other hand, the lessee’s warranty statements indicate that the car will be used for a sole intention. Furthermore, it claims that only a competent driver will use the car to ensure minimal damage, if any. These are additional measures taken by both parties to maintain the current condition of the vehicle.

4. Settle Other Supporting Clauses

To make sure that the all-terrain vehicle will maintain its as-is condition, several clauses make sure of it. This includes the terms for the vehicle’s fuel, damage and destruction outside the insurance, and maintenance and repairs. There are other terms and conditions included in the form. Both parties must read and understand it to avoid conflicts that can affect the entire arrangement in the future. Moreover, these supporting clauses are just as crucial as the clauses that explain the lease term and its specifics.

5. Review the Termination Terms

Finally, the lease agreement ends with the discussion of the termination of the arrangement if there is no lease renewal. This clause indicates the possible reasons for the lease’s early termination, which are non-compliance and non-payment. The necessity of notice before ending the lease is also rehashed in this statement, as a clause about notices is a part of the document. If you want to double-check the arrangement’s legitimacy before signing the contract, you can consult with a lawyer to ease your doubts and answer your questions.


What is the advantage of leasing a car?

One major advantage of leasing a car is its lower cost. Buying a car requires the buyer to cash out a large sum every month. On the other hand, a lease only requires the lessee to pay for a particular percentage of the vehicle’s total value for each month until the lease term ends.

How does one get a private lease for a personal vehicle?

The easiest way to lease your car is to approach and ask for the help of auto lease assumption companies. They will take care of the entire process there.

When is the best time to lease a car?

The timing is just as important when it comes to leasing a car. As you are looking into leasing, it is highly probable that you want to save every buck. So, the best time to look for a vehicle lease is months within the model’s release. In this way, you can save money on the depreciation cost.

What does an as-is vehicle mean?

As-is vehicles mean what they mean. They are vehicles with no warranties, and it is available in the condition as it was in the lot.

Does the document need to reflect the as-is condition of the vehicle?

Yes, the document should reflect that the property that you’re leasing the property in an as-is condition. Both parties must be well aware of this fact too. This also goes the same when purchasing pre-owned cars.

Lease arrangements are almost every day arrangements in dealing with real estate properties, whether commercial or residential leases. However, the presence and necessity of vehicle lease arrangement forms imply that other properties such as vehicles and other equipment can be put up for leases too. If you are looking into leasing a vehicle shortly, make sure to know how to use and fill up an as-is vehicle lease arrangement form.