What is an Affidavit? 

An affidavit is a sworn written statement of an individual that declares and confirms the truthfulness of such statement, just as if you were testifying in court. The individual making this declaration is known as the affiant, who has to be in the right state of mind to make the statement. A notary public and/or a legally authorized representative will then be responsible for administering and verifying the affidavit. Read More

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Affidavit of Death

When someone passes due to natural causes or an unexpected turn of events, they often leave behind real and/or personal property that the bereaved spouse, family members, or trustee…

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General Affidavit

At least once in your life, someone you know (or even a complete stranger) could ask you to formally attest to a fact or play witness to an event…

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Undertaking Affidavit

In life, we often find ourselves in sticky situations that could affect our future or that of our loved ones. In a divorce settlement, for instance, the separation may…

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Guardianship Affidavit

When you’re a single parent with no immediate family members who can care for your child while you go on a business trip, authorizing a trustworthy person to be…

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Discrepancy Affidavit

Have you ever wondered how people with lengthy birth names get by with their day to day? Imagine how much effort it takes to fill up a form with…