What is a Notice?

Announcements of pressing matters require the full attention of its audience. Notices not only capture one’s attention but also informs them about the issues that warrant it. Whether it’s for announcing the sale of a property or an official’s resignation from his posts, posting a notice about such cases allows the public, as well as the parties involved, to know what the future has in store for them. Read More

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Eviction Notice

An Eviction Notice Template is a common form between a landlord and a tenant in a rental to inform in advance that a renter should leave the property soon.…

Types of Notices

Notices are posted to announce or inform its audience about essential matters or events that will happen in the future. It may be used to announce the sale of a specific property or as a requirement of a particular legal proceeding. Listed below are the major types of notices.

Actual Notice: These types of notices are very much applicable to waivers and indemnification papers. They are commonly described as being written to make its audience aware of facts and truths behind an event or object in a transaction or activity. Actual notices are often used in real estate transactions and legal proceedings.

Public Notice: Public notices inform the general public about court decisions, public auctions, and contracts entered by governments. These are usually posted in newspapers, television, and the internet with respect to the public’s need for transparency and maintaining public trust.

Judicial Notice: Notices like this are usually requested by a party of a court hearing to allow them to present certain facts as evidence. These are commonly granted by a case’s presiding judge based on the applicable rules on the admission of evidence.

Try Our Editable Sample Notices

Aside from the types mentioned above, notices also strengthen claims of ownership, expedite specific processes, and draw truths out from facts. Whether it’s real estate, financial matters, or expressing your intention to quit from a specific position, gather all the needed attention using our professional sample notices