What Is an Agreement?

According to the American Sociologist Jane Addams. “Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.” There are many expressions of society’s respect for its members. It could be in the form of laws and norms, or by a person’s wilful acceptance of personal boundaries. Agreements, in a sense, instills and enforces equal respect between men by mutually binding parties to perform or deliver an object for each other’s benefit. Read More

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Lease Agreement

Moving to a new location or traveling to another city means staying there for a few weeks, months, or years. Instead of lodging in hotels, individuals can choose to…

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Bill of Sale (Purchase Agreement)

Trade is a basic economic concept that we engage with every day. Trade involves the selling and buying of goods and services partnered with its compensation, ranging from necessities…

Types of Agreements

An agreement is basically a mutual decision of performance or delivery between two or more parties. Although it can be made verbally and by mutual understanding between parties, agreements are best expressed in writing as it can be legally enforceable by notarizing it. Agreements can be stand-alone documents or as an accessory to another contract, and here are some of its examples.

Sales Agreements: These types of agreements are used mainly in the sale of movable and immovable properties—real estate, cars, boats, jewelry, you name it. Sales agreements often include the item subject to purchase and its price, as well as the buyer and seller’s details.

Indemnity Agreements: Indemnity agreements are statements that waive one party’s responsibility and liability from any untoward incidents and mishaps. You can usually find these agreements when filling out sign-in sheets upon entering a facility such as pools, camping grounds, and national parks.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: Protecting trade secrets and other valuable information is what makes business giants like Apple and JP Morgan and Chase flourish. Non-disclosure agreements helped them protect these vital assets by compelling agreeing parties to keep proprietary and confidential trade information within the company.

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Agreements allow for the establishment of fairness and transparency in transactions among men. It also allows them to respect each other’s boundaries, as well. Whether it is for the delivery of an object for sale or trade, always remember to have fairness and transparency by your side. Do so with the use of our premium agreement forms