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when do you need bill of sale form

Most people question as to what a bill of sale is. A bill of sale is something that is issued at the end of any transaction to ensure that all ownership and legal rights have been transferred from the buyer to the seller.

So it is important that after every major transaction, make sure that the seller provides you with a bill of sale as physical proof of the purchase. In the event that you are the seller, then it is best to know and learn how to write a bill of sale, which is why the information contained here will help you do just that.

What Is the Importance of the Bill of Sale Form?

The reason why a bill of sale form is so important and why it is required is that, as stated earlier, it ensures that all legal and ownership rights have been transferred from the buyer to the seller. It can also be used in any other type of transaction such as an exchange or as a gift. So long as one has the right type of bill of sale and provides all information regarding what property is going to be transferred and to whom, then there should be no problems in terms of the transaction’s finalization. Considering that there are many different bills of sale, one can learn about them all with all the sample bill of sale forms we provide.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale to Sell Property?

The reason as to why you need a bill of sale to sell property is because it helps reduce the risk of fraud. Basically, it serves as a confirmation that the title of the property has been transferred and at the same time it shows as evidence of the contract that was agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller. It can also serve as documentation to keep a record of when the transaction was done, what properties were sold, and to who it was sold to. There are even forms such as blank bill of sale forms wherein one can use to decide as to who the proper recipient of the property is after the transaction is made, but it is also very risky as a blank form can be filled out to just about anyone. To know more on why you need a bill of sale, then there are bill of sale forms in PDF to help you get the information you need.

What Do You Need to Include In the Bill of Sale Form?

  • Date of when the bill of sale was issued
  • Complete names of both the buyer and the seller
  • The buyer and seller’s contact details and address
  • The type of bill of sale
  • Description of the property or properties being sold
  • Statements regarding the transfer of ownership and other agreements
  • Amount that the buyer is paying the seller.


So in the event that you are required to create any bills of sale such as equipment bill of sale forms for exchanging certain equipment or business bill of sale forms to sell a particular business, then be sure to include all of the information above. You may also go through any of the bill of sale form examples we provide to learn how to fill out other bills of sale, and you may use any of our bill of sale form templates should you decide to create and use one.

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