Dirt Bike Bill of Sale

Dirt Bike Bill of Sale

Dirt bikes have captured the imagination of many⁠—thrill, freedom, and cool factor⁠—but its inherent dangers made its use heavily regulated by law. That is why you need a dirt bike bill of sale to own or sell a dirt bike legally. Read on this article to learn more. Read More

What Is a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale?


A dirt bike bill of sale is a document that records the legal transfer of ownership of a dirt bike. Like most vehicle bills of sale, this document also contains the dirt bike’s details, specifications, VIN, and mileage. It’s also one of the primary requirements in registering a dirt bike under its owner. Despite its advantages, dirt bikes have inherent risks. According to the Center for Disease Control, 20.4 % of motorcycling accidents due to the use of such vehicles. And by having a bill of sale, the seller can be indemnified against any liabilities should the vehicle becomes involved in accidents after its sale.

How to Write a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale?

There are many reasons for selling a dirt bike. It could be because the seller needs the money,  or is moving to another place, or simply because they no longer need it. Like most vehicles, owning a dirt bike requires one to be of legal age. And, the same also applies in preparing a printable bill of sale for the dirt bike. Now, here are the steps on how to write a dirt bike bill of sale.

1. Specify Parties of the Sale

Like other sales and purchase documents, it is also essential to specify the parties of the transaction. What it does is that it lets the authorities know who sold the dirt bike and to whom it is sold. A dirt bike’s bill of sale also allows the authorities to trace the vehicle’s history, determine if it’s stolen or if it’s involved in accidents or crimes.

2. Indicate Pricing and Payment Terms

A dirt bike bill of sale also serves a record of the transaction for the buyer and the seller. So it’s also important to include the sale price and the payment terms, as well. This allows the DMV to know that the dirt bike is reasonably priced, and the transaction is fairly conducted to the buyer’s favor.

3. Ensure that The Dirt Bike’s Specifications are Accurate

A dirt bike details and specifications serve as the vehicle’s identification. They not only make the transaction more transparent, but it also helps transfer the dirt bike’s title to its new owner. Moreover, a dirt bike’s details and specifications can also help trace the vehicle’s history. So make sure to include these details, especially the dirt bike’s VIN and Odometer reading, just like you do on the sale of a car.

4. Put Signatures and Acknowledgment

Every deal is not complete without the parties agreeing to the terms and conditions of a sale. And in a legal document such as a fillable bill of sale, the signatures of each party signifies such an agreement. Furthermore, a dirt bike’s bill of sale may be required to be signed by a witness and be notarized as well.

5. Don’t Forget the Dates

Dates tell when a document is signed and when it becomes effective. In writing your dirt bike’s bill of sale, always see to it that dates are there too. Also, make sure that they are correct so that they don’t confuse you, the buyer, the authorities, and other parties that depend on it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dirt bike bill of sale need to be valid?

Like every purchase agreements, a dirt bike of sale should have the following elements, such as the parties of the sale, the agreement of exchange, the price of the dirt bike, acceptance by both parties, as well as the testimony that the parties are legally capable of executing the bill of sale. If you are writing a bill of sale for a dirt bike, always make sure to include the elements mentioned.

What happens if I lose my dirt bike bill of sale?

Losing a bill of sale, especially that of a dirt bike, will make it harder for you to prove that you own the bike or no longer own it. This also makes it harder for you to defend against any claims as well. You can either secure copies of payment records, communication, or a copy of the other party’s bill of sale as a remedy.

Do dirt bike bills of sale need to be signed by a witness?

Depending on your State’s DMV requirements, a dirt bike of sale may need to be signed by a witness and even notarized. This is to protect the buyer and the seller from any fraudulent transactions. But if you do find it necessary to add a layer of protection, you may have a third-party sign as a witness and notarize the document even if your state doesn’t require it.

Is a dirt bike bill of sale similar to a car bill of sale?

Yes, dirt bike bills of sale are similar to car bills of sale for the most part. Bills of sale are documents that serve as proof that a vehicle is legally transferred. Also, a VIN and odometer reading is mandatory for dirt bike bill of sale as well.

What are the most important things to include in a dirt bike’s bill of sale?

Perhaps the most important things to include in a dirt bike’s bill of sale are it’s VIN and odometer disclosure. These are mandatory inclusions required by federal law to help register a dirt bike under its owner, determine how long the dirt bike has been used, and trace the bike’s history. It also helps in deciding if the dirt bike is stolen or has been involved in accidents.

Dirt bikes can either be stolen, used in crimes, and be involved in accidents. To protect both the seller and buyer, you need a legal document such as a printable bill of sale.