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When you wish to own a property but you don’t have enough money at the moment, you do not have to worry. Because you could loan for a house, car, cash, etc. Just make sure that you are capable of paying it in the future.

The loan that you make becomes a credit wherein you are able to obtain such property before the agreed date for payment. And if you wish to pursue in owning a property, this becomes a reservation. In making a reservation, information or details are to be listed using a reservation form.

 How To Write a Property Reservation Form

In writing a property reservation form, all the necessary information should be listed. Because these information are important for file documentation. Also, the applicant’s details should be true, correct and updated.

Some items that you will find in a property reservation form are the following:

  • Property details such as the address, tenancy term, preferred moving date, agreed rent amount, and any special conditions or requests
  • Applicant’s details such as the full name, contact details (telephone, mobile phone, email address, the physical address)
  • Applicant’s employment details such as the current occupation, position, gross income, and the date started
  • Consent with signature and date signed

The consent is important for it dictates that the applicant confirms that his or her given information is not misleading, and agrees to the terms and conditions given about the property. This is also to notify that the applicant is giving consent to the information being used by credit card and referencing companies.

What Do You Include on a Property Reservation Form?

In filling out a property reservation form, there shall be no falsification of the information in the form. What is also included in a property reservation form are the following:

  • Personal details of the guarantor (if there are any)
  • Evidence of identification
  • Reservation agreement or terms and conditions policy
  • Costs (initial, move in, additional costs if there are any)

These elements or information that needs to be filled out are the basic information regarding the reservation of a property, same elements are applicable to Restaurant Reservation Form and Hotel Reservation Forms.

Instructions in Making a Property Reservation Form

The instructions for making a property reservation form are simple, and these are the following:

  • All necessary or essential information should be included.
  • All fields should be organized and explained to the applicants.
  • It is assured that all information given by the applicant is correct and up-to-date by giving a consent.
  • There should be enough space provided for the information required.
  • The Terms and Conditions Policy should be stated and explained clearly.

When it comes to reservation of a property, it is best that each item of Terms and Conditions are explained to the applicant. This is to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. It is made sure that the policy is agreed upon signing the form.

The applicant and the seller of the property engage themselves in a reservation agreement. This agreement states:

  • the amount of the reservation fee
  • the purchase price
  • the period of how long will the price remain
  • the deadline date when the reservation agreement will end
  • the expenses that will be deducted from the reservation fee if contracts are not exchanged

For more references for reservation forms, refer to Sample Reservation and Party Reservation Forms.

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