Affidavit of Undertaking

Affidavit of Undertaking

People move from one place to another because of various reasons. It could be for work, business, study, or other opportunities. This also means that you are changing your address to anywhere you go. In that case, it could be difficult to process legal activities if you have no permanent residence. But you do not have to worry about it because you can establish proof of residence by creating an Affidavit of Undertaking. This affidavit is not only for the purpose of supporting your location but so much more! If that piques your interest and you want to find out more about what this affidavit is for, continue reading this article. Read More


What Is an Affidavit of Undertaking?

An affidavit of undertaking is a legal document made under the oath of law. It is a sworn document to be filled-out and signed for a specific purpose. To ensure that the affidavit follows the guidelines of formal writing, it should be drafted professionally. Moreover, an affidavit of undertaking contains exact terms and conditions and any other relevant information to fulfill some deeds or work by the affiant. On the other hand, this affidavit is not necessarily a contract that provides assurance from one party to another but a promise in course for a legal proceeding and also to refrain an act from doing anything.


How Do You Make an Affidavit of Undertaking Using a Template?

Are you looking for a reliable source of templates? You have come to the right place because our website offers a variety of ready-made templates that are suitable for every need, business-related or not. For sure, there is no one way to make an affidavit of undertaking, but it is so much more convenient with a template. One of the best things about using a stencil is that it promotes consistency in your document. As a very technical document, it could be overwhelming creating an affidavit. But our templates contain suggested content written and created by our professional writers and talent graphic designers to aid your task. Follow the steps below for more tips and tricks in making an affidavit using a template.

Get an Affidavit Template

To download an affidavit template, start by browsing through our collection of editable templates. When choosing a template, make sure it is fitting for your task. Every template is different from each other. Depending on our clients, we create templates based on their needs. Hence, reassure that you can find the right template from our trobe. Once you have made up your mind, click the download button. Your template will be automatically stored in your device. To locate the file, go to your device download folder.

Modify Your Template

As long as you find the suitable editing software, modifying your template is not as difficult as you think. You can use any editing tool that is easily accessible. Just make sure it is compatible with your template file format. Otherwise, editing your template will be challenging; deficiting the convenience the template could have contributed. To know whether you can work on an editing tool or not, check on your source’s website. Usable editing software should be featured there together with the template. After that, begin customizing the affidavit template. Start by providing a title. It should catch the attention of the reader. Hence, the title must tell what the document is all about. Place the title at the topmost part of the affidavit, written in bold font size. This will make it stand out from the rest of the words in the document.

Add Relevant Details

Before proceeding to this part, you have to be familiar with what an affidavit of undertaking should include. It must contain the state and the country of the undertaking as well as the affiant’s name or the person who will sign the affidavit. Here are the other details an affidavit of undertaking must have: affiant’s complete address (street, county, city, state, and zip code), state facts, and other details related to the undertaking. Additionally, do not forget to include the date (dd/mm/yy) and the place the affidavit is signed. Depending on the undertaking, add other relevant details or attach other documents necessary for the process.

Finalize the Affidavit

The last step in making a compelling affidavit of undertaking is letting the affiant sign it. Affixing a signature in the space provided means that the affiant understands and swears that the facts written in the affidavit are based on facts. Telling lies can put him or her in travel and be charged with a criminal offense against the law. Then, get the affidavit notarized so that it is valid. If you are hesitant regarding making an affidavit on your own, you can consult an attorney or let him or her make an affidavit for you. 


Why would I need an affidavit?

Affidavit letters serve many important purposes. They are filed with the court as proof that specific information is true. In some cases, an attorney can use the affidavit letter on your behalf so that you do not have to appear in court or at another official legal proceeding.

What is the importance of being truthful in an affidavit?

Swearing something that is not true in an affidavit is technically a violation of the law. With that, you can be fined or even imprisoned for committing a false statement. It is similar to lying on the stand in a court proceeding.

Do I need an attorney to create an affidavit?

Anyone can write one, although an affidavit is considered a legal document. It will be valid as long as it is signed, witnessed, and notarized properly. Hence, you do not need a lawyer to create an affidavit. Consequently, it is important to keep in mind that certain affidavits should contain specific information so that they will fulfill the purpose intended to be served and meet legal requirements. So when using an affidavit form, ensure that it provides relevant information needed.

You do not need to see an attorney to create an affidavit. As long as the affidavit is signed by the affidavit and notarized by a notary public, it can stand in front of the court of law. Create an affidavit of undertaking with the help of our ready-made templates. To enjoy more exclusive perks, sign up to any of our subscription plans on our website today or get your money back!