1 Week Notice Resignation Letter

1 Week Notice Resignation Letter

Leaving a job properly requires the observation of certain formalities, at a certain period. However, there are circumstances where someone needs to leave their job on short notice within a short amount of time. A 1-week notice resignation letter helps you resign from your job properly, even on short notice. Learn more by reading on in this article. Read More

What Is a 1-Week Notice Resignation Letter

A 1-week notice resignation letter announces your wish to resign from your job on short notice and notifies your employer of when it takes effect. Additionally, this letter also expresses your gratitude towards your employer and your colleagues and your willingness to train your replacement. But unlike an immediate resignation letter, this resignation letter only takes effect 7 days after its submission.

How To Write a 1-Week Notice Resignation Letter

Resignations normally have a 2 week notice period. However, not every employee has that luxury of time when pressing matters are already calling. Employees leave their jobs, on short notice, for many reasons. And to ensure a peaceful exit from your job, here are some tips on how to write a polite 1-week notice resignation letter to your boss.

1. Convey Your Resignation to Your Boss

Resignation letters are always addressed to your superiors or your bosses, and the same also applies to your 1-week notice resignation letter. To address this letter to your boss, you only need to write down their name, title, and position, as well as the company that you’re working for. This will let anyone that receives it, including your boss, to whom the letter and the message are for.

2. Provide a Definite Date of Resignation

These types of resignation letters not only announces your intention of resigning from your job. It also announces when it begins and when it culminates. Announce when your resignation will take place, simply provide a definite date when you’ll stop showing up for work. This allows your boss enough time to designate your replacement, as well as an ample amount of time to help your replacement learn the ABCs of your job.

3. Be Grateful To Your Colleagues

Resignation letters, in general, allow for a peaceful exit from your company. So in your 1-week notice resignation letter, it’s also important to be grateful for the good times and things that your colleagues have imparted to you. You can express it with a simple thanks to everyone, or you can elaborate on your expression of gratitude by mentioning each of them. This lets your colleagues appreciate your time working closely with them. And who knows? They might throw a farewell party for you before you leave.

4. Always Be Willing to Lend a Hand

Smooth transitions in the company right before you leave are also what resignation letters allow for. So it’s best to exhibit your willingness to lend a hand to make such transition possible in your resignation letter. Doing this allows for more time for you to say your goodbyes to your best friends, and perhaps, enough time to plan for a simple get together with them.

5. Close the Letter with Appreciation

Last and more importantly, you must close your 1-week notice resignation letter with appreciation. Although you’ve already done this in the body of your letter, it’s still best to express the same appreciation and gratitude just as you did in the beginning. Doing this allows for your peaceful exit from the company possible. Aside from that, it also lets you maintain the same network of friends who might give news of new opportunities in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what circumstances should I use a 1-week notice resignation letter?

1-week notice resignation letters are submitted by employees who have a short amount of time to tender their resignation. It could be because they either need to do so for medical reasons, important family matters, and other circumstances. A 1-week notice resignation letter helps a leaving employee have a formal resignation, as well as entitles to separation pay and other benefits.

What should be included in a 1-week notice resignation letter?

A 1-week notice resignation letter is only submitted by employees leaving the company for compelling reasons. And make such a letter compelling and acceptable, it must include the following elements.

  • The final date of work.
  • Details surrounding what is considered a short resignation notice.
  • A gracious tone.
  • Appreciation and gratitude for the job position and time.
  • A plan for the remaining workload and smooth transition.

Is a 1-week notice resignation as good as an immediate resignation?

No. Although a 1-week notice resignation begins right after submitting a resignation letter, an employee still has to show up for work for 7 days. An immediate resignation, on the other hand, allows an employee to leave the company right after submitting the resignation letter.

Who can make a 1-week notice resignation letter?

Any employee or executive wishing to leave their positions on short notice can make a 1-week notice resignation letter. Aside from that, members of the clergy—such as nuns—and church workers can also make a 1-week notice resignation letter as well.

Do I still have to talk to my boss after submitting a 1-week notice resignation letter?

Yes, since your boss will still need to know the reason why you’re leaving the company on such short notice. Aside from that, your boss will still discuss with you about who will replace you as well as plans on training your replacement. Plus, he or she may also discuss the possibility of throwing a farewell party for you.

There are many reasons for us to suddenly tender a 1-week resignation letter. And regardless of what they are, leaving a job properly entitles you to a variety of benefits and a good employment record on your name. What’s more, is that it also lets you say goodbye to your best friends and leave the company in goodwill, and good spirit.