Boat Rental Form

Boat Rental Form

Because of the different boat brands and manufacturers, choosing the perfect boat rental could be confusing. Still, it depends entirely on what activity you would like to do. If you think a yacht would be perfect for outdoor recreational activities, it should be on the top of your list. Also, a lessee needs to prioritize the property’s condition and the rental company’s reputation before renting. And that is why filling out a printable boat rental form is important. This article will tell you more about boat rental forms. Find out below. Read More

What Is a Boat Rental Form?

A boat rental form is a document used to set out terms in renting a boat. The form clarifies all rules and regulations, as well as sets the renting period. If one party does not abide by the agreement, they will face the consequences. For a lessor, it is important to assess a renter before sealing the deal. This will protect their property, likewise the rental business. Afterward, the lessee will fill out the document with the required details. All the information should be factual—from the applicant’s complete name down to their phone number. 

How Do You Craft the Best Boat Rental Form in Five Easy Steps?

Although boating is one of the safest recreational outdoor activities, accidents still happen. In fact, there were 633 boating fatalities in the United States in 2018, based on a report from the Coast Guard. In that case, a boat rental form can protect the parties involved by arranging the rent agreement. If it seems difficult to create one, our website offers various ready-made boat rental form templates. Learn more below. 

1. Assess the Property’s Condition

The most crucial factor to consider in renting a boat is its condition. This property is known to be worn out. So, make sure the rental company stays on top of the maintenance and repairs aspects. Both lake boats and saltwater boats need to undergo an assessment before casting the rent. With that, the renter’s day on the water would not be ruined by mechanical breakdowns or gear issues. 

2. Gather the Basic Information

Both parties’ necessary information is fundamental for the boat rental form. The lessor should prioritize providing the company and property details, before asking for the renter’s basic information. It could include the applicant’s complete name, address, contact details, etc. Requiring at least one lease history from the applicant is optional but helpful in assessing them too. All these are important in securing the protection of both parties. Failure to do so should be enough not to push through with the rent.

3. Discuss the Payment Arrangement

Another significant part of the rental form is the payment arrangement. This indicates the lease arrangements, late rents, non-sufficient fund sources, security deposit, and down payment. The price of the rent depends on the type of boat. Say, for example, motorboat rentals cost more than a sailboat because large boats are more expensive than smaller boats. A lessee can even save money on hourly rates if they rent over a longer time. But, daily rates will bring that down even more.

4. Be Critical With the Rules and Regulations

The boat rental form should entail rules and regulations. Often, these policies are written on the form, along with other terms and conditions. But, the lessor can orally discuss this to the lessee. It covers the renter’s obligations during the rental period, including safety action in case of an emergency. Both parties need to go through these policies to settle all concerns. The rental business and the renter’s life would be at stake if they failed to stipulate the policies.

5. Sign to Seal the Deal

Once both parties are on the same page, they can sign the rental form. This signifies a full understanding of the policies, including the payment arrangements. It also shows that they are bound to fulfill their responsibilities, as stated in the document. Although there is no rule governing the signing of the document, it is best to sign the form in the other party’s presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a boat rental cost?

The cost of a boat rental service depends on the type of boat and geography. Usually, boats located on lakes rent for at least $30 to $40 per hour, while cabin cruisers or motor yachts cost 10 to 20 times more than that.

Where can I rent a boat?

You can find a boat rental service anywhere you find boats. To make your life more convenient, you can search on They have speed boat rental, electric boat rental, or anything in between.

What are the advantages of leasing/renting?

Renting is a low cost. Because of that, it has been proven a cost-efficient way of having a place to stay temporarily. As renters, they do not need to worry about expenses that come with owning a house. This is one of the advantages of leasing or renting.

Boat rental is cost-efficient than purchasing one. Despite the advantage, things could stumble into a pitfall. That is why it is important to require a boat rental form. A lessee must assess the property’s condition before renting, which has to be accounted for by the lessor to protect their business’s reputation. Also, a boat rental form can align the responsibilities of the parties involved, ensuring service satisfaction.