Privacy Policy understands the importance of your privacy. We are committed to exercising transparency regarding the access, use, and the type of information we collect because we want to be upfront with how we protect our users from unauthorized tracking of personal and non-personal information. The protection of your name, contact information such as phone and mobile number, email address, credit card, and savings account information is equally crucial to us as it is to our users. This Privacy Policy will explain website security, access, ownership, collection, and use of information you provide on our website.

Information We Collect

In our dedication to providing quality content and samples for better site performance and customer/reader experience, collects user IP address, cookies, page views, and usage through third party software analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Having access to information such as your location and preferred content will help us tailor the content and products we present and provide.

Personal Information does not ask visitors to disclose or share personal information on the website unless you download or purchase our products and subscribe to our payment plans. When you register or subscribe, you will be asked to provide us with your personal information to complete the entire process. This includes your residential and email addresses and your credit card or savings account information. The personal information you share with us would mean consenting to the use of such information, per the requirement set in our Terms And Conditions.


The security of your information is important for us. Thus, is committed to protecting your personal and financial information stored and collected from payment during downloads and subscriptions. We do not allow a third party or any unauthorized access to information that our users provide. We also regularly update the website’s security measures to protect your information from hacking and any other security breaches.

We use customer details for processing payments and to give you a more personalized user experience when shopping for sample documents or accessing related content within the website.

Feedback and Testimonials

At, we may use the feedback you post on affiliate blogs, forums, and any links within the website from satisfied customers and post it on the website as a form of advertisement. If your feedback on the content or products from the website is posted online, it gives other people an opportunity to send you unsolicited emails and phone calls. We are not responsible for the risks that come with sharing your feedback, comments, testimonials, and interaction or communication with other users.


Pages and content or articles posted in include links to internal, affiliate blogs, and external sites or sources that help increase user satisfaction. We want to establish that when you click on links to external sites, it removes our control over how your information will be processed or used since we have no control over these websites. Visiting external websites, therefore, subjects you to their terms of use. Please know that the internal and external links found on our content are for maximizing your convenience to check other relevant information as well as related posts and content from pages or blogs affiliated to


We can change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the updated version here. The updated version will immediately take effect once posted on this website. Since we will not send out any notification prior to the changes made, we urge our users to visit this page regularly to check both the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

DMCA acknowledges and respects intellectual rights. Thus, our policy is to respond to the notices of alleged copyright infringements that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Copyright-infringing materials found on can be identified and removed via the website’s DMCA compliance process listed below, provided that the copyright owner complies with such a process.

There are two ways to have your content removed from

  • For takedown notices based on alleged copyright infringement of your content found on, please send via email a valid DMCA notice according to the procedures described in this policy. Please note that we will not make any legal decisions about the validity of your claim.
  • If you are an author of an article or other content published on, and you want your work or content removed, please send a request with your name, title of your work, location of your work (i.e. URL address or database) and specific removal instructions. will remove the allegedly infringing content or block access to it if it receives a clear and valid Notice pursuant to the guidelines set forth below. The Notice provider may be requested to provide additional information to further justify the validity of the claim.

Notices (or Counter-Notices) are not covered by’s Privacy Policy as these are legal notices different from regular Site activities or communication. This means that the Site may publish or share them with third parties at its discretion, and it may produce them pursuant to a legal discovery request.

Filing a DMCA notice

To file a DMCA notice with, you must send us a written letter by fax, regular mail, or email. Notices that do not comply with the DMCA will be ignored.

The Notice must include the following:

  1. A link to the copyrighted work/s that you think has/have been infringed;
  2. The specific content that you think is infringing your copyrighted work. You can provide screenshots of the content, if necessary;
  3. The signature of the copyright owner, physical or electronic;
  4. Your contact details, including your physical address, telephone number, and email;
  5. A bona fide statement indicating that the use of the disputed material is unauthorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and
  6. An account under penalty of perjury claiming that the information in your statement as the copyright owner is true and accurate.

Terms & Condition

Welcome to Your access and use of the resources, including but not limited to the content published and samples of business documents, is subject to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

In these terms and conditions, “” “our website,” “we” or “us,” pertains to the online information platform offering a wide range of materials, controlled by or on behalf of blog and its affiliated brands, regardless of how you access the website and subscribe to the services offered.

When you visit our website, register as a user, or download the products included in our content, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set and stated here. We, therefore, strongly advise that you read this agreement before any further use of this website, and upon agreement of the provisions stated.

Site Description and User Restriction provides access to a wide range of content and materials for users, which includes products that help individuals from different fields of expertise. These materials mainly help established and would-be entrepreneurs fulfill both personal and professional tasks, as well as manage and grow their businesses.

As a user, you understand and agree that whatever is published and provided on this website shall remain ”as is.” does not grant you the rights to any intellectual property, copyright, and product warranty, express or implied.

The website, including its products and services also removes its liability on qualities, satisfaction or fitness, and personalized user settings, to the maximum extent as allowed by the applicable laws.

Any violation of the provisions stated herein may hold you liable in court.

Authorized Use

To access our website, register as a user, or avail of our product subscriptions, you must first gain access to the internet, directly or through any mobile device, and pay any service or registration fees required in providing such access.


To better understand our site activities and practices, please read through our Privacy Policy , which also governs your use and access of the website.

Electronic Communications

Accessing our website and providing us your email address means you agree to communicate with us electronically.

Your email address and access to our website is our main means of communicating with you electronically. We will send notifications about website and product updates through email or posts in the website when necessary. As a user, you agree and understand that all agreements, notices, and any information disclosed by electronically will satisfy any equivalent agreement in writing.


Business articles and relevant sample forms for business or materials available on the website remains as sole property of Illegal use of the content, using without permission or without acquiring a standard license from the site, is a violation of the company’s Intellectual Property Rights. Therefore, it is unlawful.

Feel free to Contact Us at for any questions, comments, or clarifications regarding the terms and conditions.

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