Affidavit of No Income

Affidavit of No Income

Having no stream of income is not a good place to be. More so if you are already  seeking help from others but you still need to prove that you’re down on your luck and facing unemployment and bankruptcy. These situations usually require you to submit  a proof of no income to prove that you really do not have any source of income before they can give you the help that you need. What you need is a Zero Income Affidavit or also known as the Affidavit of No Income. Read More

What is an Affidavit of No Income?

An affidavit of no income is a legal document that you can use to prove your income, or the lack thereof. It’s more than just a written statement–it is a notarized document that will show your current financial situation. Basically, it is a written statement under oath that you make in order to prove that you did not receive any income from any stream of possible resources for a certain period of time. It can be used for several purposes, including for your unemployment or disability benefits claims, as well as for filing of taxes.

How to write an Affidavit of Identity in five steps

A personal Affidavit of No Income is very straightforward. There is no need to embellish it with flowery language or with big words. You just have to own up to it and declare and affirm your situation as it is but you also need to draft it carefully. Follow these five simple steps to get you started with your affidavit. 

Identify the purpose of the affidavit

An affidavit is usually used as proof for any application or cases. These are many occasions as to which you would need an affidavit of no income such as  family law cases for child or spousal support, apartment leasing or housing, and declaring pauperies, among others. Knowing how you will use the affidavit of no income will make it easier for you to write one.

Identify the affiant and write a sworn statement 

Usually, the person with zero income is the affiant. The affiant is the one who is declaring and affirming that the statements in the affidavit are true and correct. As a legal document, the affidavit is admissible in court and if found to be untrue and misleading, the affiant is responsible for it. To identify the affiant, their biographical information such as their full legal name, age, and current place of residence. A statement of truth must also be included in the affidavit to attest to the truthfulness of the details. 

Declare your financial situation 

At the minimum, the following details and information must be provided in your Affidavit of No Income:

  1. Name and detailed information of the affiant 
  2. The period during which there was no income 
  3. Declaration of no income from any possible sources
  4. The purpose for the execution of the Affidavit of No Income or the declaration.

Review your Affidavit of No Income

Review all the details in your affidavit, especially your statement of facts. Make sure that you are being truthful in your statements and the details are all correct. Any false information is a violation of the law and you may be charged with perjury so you should make sure to have all errors and mistakes corrected to prevent invalidity of your document. Have a family member or a trusted friend check it if you are still unsure before having your form notarized. Once you finalize your form, don’t sign it yet.

Sign and file in the court

Once you have a final version of your document, take your unsigned copy to a notary, lawyer, or someone with the authority to administer an oath. You will have to swear in accordance with the law in order to attest to the veracity of your statements and sign it in their presence. Make sure that you bring with you a government issued ID so they can verify your identity and determine that your affidavit is clear, true, and correct. They will print their name and sign it after verifying the truthfulness of your document. 


How can I prove that I have no income?

There are several ways to prove no income status; one of the most common ways is to attach documents that can attest to your current status. Certification letters from other government agencies can help verify zero income and can be used for the application of food stamps or Medicaid.

Can I use an Affidavit of No Income for my business?

Yes, you may. But you have to ensure that you are drafting your affidavit specifically for your business. Although the purpose is the same–to attest and declare zero income, an Affidavit of No Income for business is usually used to renew business permits and registration with the Internal Revenue Services to explain why the business has not paid any taxes yet.

Is the Affidavit of No Income the same as a Financial Affidavit?

Yes and no. Yes, they are the same in a way that they are a declaration of your current financial situation. No they are not the same because the Affidavit of No Income specifically states that you or your household have no income stream or sources of revenue for a certain period of time while and a financial affidavit is a complete picture of your finances. Keep in mind that a personal or business Affidavit of No Income is used to prove your capacity for spousal or child support or for an application of unemployment and/or disability benefits.

How can I use the Affidavit of No Income in apartment renting?

Renting an apartment or availing of housing can be difficult but possible. Your Affidavit of No Income can be used as proof along with other supporting qualifications such as good credit score, bank statements, and upfront payment.

Written statements of no income can be used in different situations like proving your incapacity to provide spousal or child support, or in applying for government assistance like food stamps and Medicaid. Depending on the reasons and circumstances, type of documentation attachments can range from written explanation letter to official certifications.