Sexual Consent Form

Sexual Consent Form

Some might laugh about signing a sexual consent form before having intercourse and argue that a piece of paper cannot subdue physical urges. But 734,630 people were sexually assaulted in 2018 because several people think it is okay to sleep with someone without their consent. Although being intimate with a person is a behavior that does not need legal documentation, some would want to draw the line somehow. So, they use a sexual consent form to legally engage with sexual activities that may involve intercourse, oral sex, and the like. Learn more about this document and how it will help you if things go beyond the original intention. Continue reading below. Read More

A sexual consent form is a document that allows two people to share permission and make boundaries whenever they participate in sensual acts together. They can set clear terms, time, and date for the activity. If things go beyond their original agreement, the consenter can mark it as an accident without repercussions or determine it as an assault. For legal purposes, a sexual consent form permits an individual to participate in activities that may call for sexual acts.

The sexual consent form creates an environment as sexy as licking an envelope and allows people to devise a comfortable atmosphere for both parties. The consenter, often but not limited to female, can specify requests so that the other party (proposer) does not need to worry about doing anything wrong. That said, it is essential to consult each other before engaging in explicit behaviors. On top of that, below is a step-by-step guide to help you make a sexual consent form in PDF and MS Word file formats. 

1. Introduce the Proposer and Consenter

Help prevent consensual sexual experiences from turning into assault or abuse with a sexual consent form. This form should introduce the proposer and the consenter by indicating their complete names and addresses in the document. It does identify not only the people involved but also their commitment towards the agreement. Then, provide the date of execution and the date when the activity will happen. You can even list the sexual acts the parties intend to perform. 

2. Talk With the Other Party Openly

Often, celebrities and high profile individuals always consider signing a sexual consent form to avoid false accusations, such as rape. But you don’t have to be one of them to protect yourself from such a crime. The proposer (the person who wants to engage in sexual activity) and the consenter (the person who will accept the offer to engage in sexual activity) must talk. And, they should be honest and open about the arrangement. This is also their chance to set what they want and won’t allow during sexual activity since this agreement’s consent will make the parties accountable for their actions. Because sexual activities usually happen in private, it is hard to prove or disprove any accusation.

3. Lay Out the Terms and Conditions

If you ask around, many have felt uncomfortable during a sexual situation. Sometimes, people cannot even consider whether their experience is a sexual violation, a bad hook-up, or something else. Because of that, set the terms and conditions in the sexual consent form. Mainly, these clauses will remind the parties of their obligations. This will further prevent both of them from misreading wrong signals and ensuring they feel the same.

Moreover, the participating parties can mutually decide which sexual acts are allowed ahead of time. Since the escalation of physical attraction is inevitable, it is best to moderate an enjoyable and safe sexual environment. 

4. Stow and Engage; Sign the Document

Your body does not owe anyone anything. But once you have signed a sexual consent form, it means you are subject to its terms. So, think critically before signing the document. Engaging in sexual activities is a big decision to make, so a witness must be present when the parties sign the consent form. If a lawyer is aiding the parties with this agreement, the witness should be a third party.

Afterward, give the consenter and proposer a copy of the form. The agreement is valid after both parties have signed it. Call 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit RAINN for confidential help if anyone feels sexually assaulted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You need more than condoms to protect yourself when it comes to your wild side. As part of modern dating, sexual consent is added as another layer of protection. This allows people to participate in having sex while not worrying about doing anything wrong.

Before signing a sexual consent form, couples should consult each other first. If they are having consensual sex before, it could be the reason for a consent form not to push through. But, it is best to protect each other’s interests before things get out of control. Still, the decision lies in the hands of the couple.

A sexual consent form must be clear. It should not state unambiguous clauses and terms. It also permits an individual to engage in sexual encounters and encourages all the parties to freely and willingly grant their consent.

Today, the conversation about sexual consent is louder than ever. Because of that, legal documents like a sexual consent form are written to protect people from accusations while submitting to their burning passion. Intentionally, this form encourages everyone to open up a conversation related to sexual consent and assault. Because sex is not mainly restricted to biology; thus, consent must be a negotiated respect within relationships.