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Dive into the world of Affidavit Support Forms with our exhaustive guide, complete with practical examples and detailed explanations. Whether you’re drafting an Affidavit Form for legal validation or navigating through a Support Request Form document for personal or professional use, our insights ensure a smooth and understandable process. Our guide is designed to demystify the affidavit creation process, making it accessible and straightforward for everyone. Embark on your path to mastering these crucial legal documents today.

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What is an Affidavit Support Form?

An Affidavit Support Form is a legally binding document that confirms the authenticity of the declarant’s statements under oath. Used extensively in various legal proceedings, it serves as a powerful tool for asserting facts, from financial support to personal attestations. This form is essential for providing evidence and support in legal matters, ensuring that all declarations made are truthful and can be relied upon in judicial processes.

Affidavit Support Format

I. Affiant Information

  • Full Name: ________________________________________________________
  • Relationship to Beneficiary: ________________________________________
  • Address: __________________________________________________________

II. Beneficiary Information

  • Full Name: ________________________________________________________
  • Relationship to Affiant: ____________________________________________
  • Address: __________________________________________________________

III. Statement of Support

  • I hereby affirm that I will provide financial support to [Beneficiary’s Name] for a period of [Specify Period] or until [Specify Condition].

IV. Signature

  • Date: ____________________
  • Signature of Affiant: ___________________________

Affidavit of Support PDF

Download an Affidavit of Support PDF to ensure your document meets legal standards. Ideal for sponsoring family or friends, this form includes sections for a Sworn Affidavit Form, making every statement legally binding.

Affidavit of Support Sample

An Affidavit of Support Sample provides a clear guide on how to structure your affidavit, including necessary details like income verification, essential for an Income Affidavit Form. It’s a vital resource for ensuring accuracy.

Affidavit of Support for Tourist Visa

Crafting an Affidavit of Support for a Tourist Visa involves detailing financial stability to host visitors. Incorporate a Correction Affidavit Form for amending any inaccuracies, ensuring the applicant’s visa process runs smoothly.

Affidavit of Support Family Member

Supporting a family member through an Affidavit of Support demonstrates your financial ability to assist them, possibly for educational purposes requiring a Student Affidavit Form. This document solidifies your commitment to their wellbeing.

More Affidavit Support Form Samples

Affidavit of Support Form Example

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  • PDF

Size: 239 KB


Affidavit of Support Form for Student

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Size: 111 KB


Affidavit of Support Form in PDF

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Size: 26 KB


Affidavit of Financial Support Form

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Size: 203 KB


Affidavit of Support Form for Parents

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Size: 58 KB


Immigration Affidavit of Support Form

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  • PDF

Size: 423 KB


Affidavit of Child Support Form

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Size: 118 KB


Free Affidavit of Support Form Example

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Size: 451 KB


Sponsor Affidavit of Support Form

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Size: 205 KB


Professional Affidavit of Support Form

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Size: 49 KB


Important Reminders

Individuals falling under the categories below do not need to file an Affidavit of Support Form:

  • An individual who can be credited with 40 qualifying quarters of work in the United States.
  • An individual who has approved a Petition for Amerasian, Widow, or Special Immigrant, as a self-petitioning Widow or Widower.
  • An individual who has an approved Petition for Amerasian Form as a battered spouse of child.
  • Orphans adopted by US citizens abroad if a full and formal adoption takes place before the orphan acquires permanent residence and both adoptive parents have seen the child before or during adoption. You should also take a look at our Small Estate Affidavit Form.

Sponsors for Affidavit of Support

If you filed an immigrant visa petition for your relative, you must be the Sponsor. You must also be at least 18 years old and a US citizen or a permanent resident for you to be eligible to be a Sponsor. You should also take a look at our Affidavit Paternity Form

Here are two types of Sponsors permitted and eligible for filing an immigrant visa petition:

  1. Joint Sponsor – Someone who is willing to legally accept responsibility for supporting your family member with you. A Joint Sponsor must meet all the similar requirements that you have, except the Joint Sponsor does not need to be related to the immigrant. You should also take a look at our Gift Affidavit Form
  2. Substitute Sponsor – In events where the visa petitioner has died after the petition has been approved but the US Citizenship and Immigration Services decides to push through with it anyway, a Substitute Sponsor must file an Affidavit of Support Form in place of the deceased petitioner. To be a Substitute Sponsor, one must be a US citizen or national or a permanent resident, at least 18 years of age, be domiciled in the US, meet all the financial requirements of a sponsor, and must be related to the individual or a legal guardian of the beneficiary. You should also take a look at our Affidavit of Fact Form

Where can I get an affidavit of support?

To obtain an Affidavit of Support, follow these steps:

  1. Legal Professionals: Consult with a lawyer who specializes in family or immigration law to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  2. Government Websites: Access and download forms directly from government immigration services or embassy websites, where you’ll find the specific Affidavit of Financial Support Form.
  3. Legal Document Services: Utilize online legal services that offer standardized forms, including a Witness Affidavit Form, tailored to your needs.

What do I need for affidavit of support?

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Preparing an Affidavit of Support requires:

  1. Proof of Income: Gather recent tax returns, employment letters, and pay stubs.
  2. Identification Documents: Include copies of your passport, birth certificate, or other government-issued IDs, incorporating a Birth Affidavit Form if necessary.
  3. Supporting Documents: Compile bank statements, a Relationship Affidavit Form for familial connections, and property deeds to substantiate your financial stability.

How to write an affidavit of support?

Writing an Affidavit of Support involves several key steps:

  1. Header: Start with your full name, address, and the statement’s purpose.
  2. Body: Detail your relationship to the beneficiary and your commitment to support them, possibly including a Personal Affidavit Form for personal declarations.
  3. Financial Information: Clearly outline your financial ability to support, referencing an Affidavit of Residency Form or Affidavit of Domicile Form if addressing domicile status.
  4. Conclusion: Affirm your willingness to support, sign the document, and have it notarized.

What is the purpose of the affidavit of support?

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The primary purpose of an Affidavit of Support is to:

  1. Assure the Government: Confirm to immigration authorities that the immigrant will not become a public charge.
  2. Legal Guarantee: Legally bind the sponsor to financially support the immigrant, involving a Guardianship Affidavit Form if sponsoring minors.
  3. Support Visa Application: Serve as evidence in visa applications that the immigrant has financial support in the new country.

How long does affidavit of support take to process?

The processing time for an Affidavit of Support varies:

  1. Submission Review: Initially, submitting to the relevant authority takes a few weeks for acknowledgment.
  2. Verification Process: The verification of provided documents, such as a Vehicle Affidavit Form for asset declaration, can extend processing.
  3. Final Decision: The total time can range from a few months to more, depending on the case’s complexity and the agency’s backlog.

What evidence is needed for affidavit of support?

Evidence for an Affidavit of Support includes:

  1. Financial Documents: Tax returns, bank statements, and pay stubs.
  2. Legal Identification: Government-issued ID and a Lost Affidavit Form if any original documents are missing.
  3. Additional Support Documents: Property ownership records, a Consent Affidavit Form for consent-related matters, and an Affidavit of Death Form if dealing with inheritance issues, all substantiating the sponsor’s financial capacity.

Individuals Eligible to Submit an Affidavit of Support Form

The following individuals listed below who wish to live in the United States are lawfully required to submit an Affidavit of Support Form completed by the the Petitioner to obtain an immigrant visa or adjustment of status. All immediate relatives of US citizens are eligible for immigration if they fall under one of the family-based preferences enumerated below:

  • Unmarried adult sons and daughters of US citizens
  • Spouses of permanent residents and unmarried children
  • Married sons and daughters of US citizens, their spouses, and their unmarried minor children
  • Brothers and sisters of adult US citizens, their spouses, and their unmarried minor children You should also take a look at our Affidavit of Heirship Form

Individuals who do not fall under the categories above do not need to submit an Affidavit of Support Form if they prove that they either:

  • Already worked 40 qualifying quarters as defined in Title II of the Social Security Act
  • Can be credited with 40 qualifying quarters as defined in Title II of the Social Security Act
  • Are the child of a US citizen You should also take a look at our Testimonial Affidavit Form

Financial Affidavit Forms would certainly prove helpful to the Sponsor should they be asked to provide proof of their financial ability to shoulder the costs of taking care of the immigrant. You should also take a look at our Citizenship Affidavit Form.

Should the affidavit of support be notarized?

Yes, the Affidavit of Support should be notarized to ensure its legality and authenticity. Notarization acts as a formal verification process, similar to a Bank Affidavit Form, confirming the signer’s identity and willingness to support.

Who can write an affidavit of support?

Anyone with sufficient income or assets, meeting or exceeding the requirements, can write an Affidavit of Support. This includes utilizing a Financial Affidavit Form to prove financial stability.

How long does the affidavit of support last?

The obligation under an Affidavit of Support typically lasts until the sponsored individual becomes a U.S. citizen, has worked for 40 qualifying quarters, dies, or permanently leaves the U.S., similar to conditions outlined in a Contractor Affidavit Form for work completion.

What form is needed for affidavit of support?

The form needed for an Affidavit of Support is Form I-864. This form is used in conjunction with a Complaint Affidavit Form when addressing the financial requirements for sponsoring immigrants.

How much income do I need for affidavit of support?

The income requirement for an Affidavit of Support depends on the sponsor’s household size and the Federal Poverty Guidelines, similar to guidelines referenced in an Identity Form Affidavit for identity verification purposes.

Who is exempt from filing an affidavit of support?

Certain categories, including U.S. citizens petitioning for an adopted child or certain employment-based immigrants with a significant ownership in a U.S. business, are exempt, akin to specifics in a Fact Affidavit Form for stating truths.

In conclusion, the Affidavit Support Form is an indispensable document in both personal and legal realms, offering a formal method to assert truthfulness and support claims. With our guide, drafting a precise Affidavit Form for Marriage or any other purpose becomes a clear, manageable task. From samples to detailed forms and instructive letters, we equip you with everything needed to confidently use these forms in your legal undertakings.

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