While dealing with government agencies or even otherwise, you are sometimes required to prove the authenticity of certain facts. The proof should be in written and should be signed and sealed by the authority concerned. Such a written proof is known as an affidavit. This can help a person to gain permission, a provision or even avail benefits. However, drafting an affidavit is really not that simple.

It should comprise of the acceptable jargon and should include all the important information that proves the authenticity of a given fact. Most people use sample affidavit forms for the purpose. These are designed by experts and thus conform to the acceptable format. So, using these can help a person to design a perfect affidavit with just a little customization. Here is a list of some of the most common affidavit forms.

> Affidavit Form for Marriage

sample affidavit form of common law marriage
affidavit form for proof of marriage1
sworn affidavit form for marriage

Often when applying for a passport or any other provision offered to married couples, the concerned agency may ask for the proof of marriage. In such a scenario, if the marriage certificate is not present, the couple can make use of a marriage affidavit to prove their marital status. An affidavit form for marriage can be used to design such an affidavit. (10+ Sample Affidavit Forms For Marriage)

> Affidavit of Residency Form

affidavit of residence procedure forms
affidavit of residency long form
parent affidavit of residency form1

People are often required to offer proof of their residency to their company or to apply for a phone connection etc. A properly drafted affidavit with the residency details and duly signed by the owner or some other person. In order to make sure that this document is drafted in a perfect manner, it is a good idea to use an affidavit for residency form. (9+ Sample Affidavit of Residency Forms)

What is a Sample Affidavit?

An affidavit is a document which is used by a person to prove the authenticity of the details and information furnished by him on the behest of an authority. By presenting this document, he agrees to the fact that the information is true and is held legally responsible for this. However, writing an affidavit is not an easy task as the person needs to furnish the information in an acceptable format while also ensuring that he has included all the details.

A sample affidavit is a document that is designed by well qualified professionals and comprises of all the crucial segments and content that should be included in an affidavit. Thus, using a sample affidavit makes it easier for the user to draft an affidavit within no time. He can be assured that the document follows a proper format, is written in professional jargon and comprises of all the necessary elements and details.

> Affidavit of Support Form

blank affidavit of support form
sample affidavit of support form
affidavit of support and consent form1

Often an applicant is required to present a government agency with an affidavit of support which is signed by a friend or colleague who is ready to vouch for the applicant. An affidavit of support form can be used for this purpose as it gives the user an idea of the segments to be included and the content to be written in the affidavit. (10+ Sample Affidavit of Support Forms)

> Blank Affidavit Form

blank general affidavit form1
blank financial affidavit form1
blank sworn affidavit form1

Designing an affidavit form requires the person to write all the details in a professional manner. He should also make sure that he includes all the relevant information that is required to prove the authenticity of a fact. A blank affidavit form helps him in this as it comprises of the professional jargon and also contains all the important segments that should be included in such a document. He can further alter it as per his requirements. (9+ Sample Blank Affidavit Forms)

> Financial Affidavit Form

financial affidavit long form
financial affidavit short form
financial affidavit long form1

When a person wishes to rent a house or get a loan, he is expected to prove his financial state. A financial affidavit duly attested by his employer or accountant is what is used for this. Using a financial affidavit form makes it easier for him to design the affidavit as it comprises of all the essential segments that should be a part of such an affidavit. (9+ Sample Financial Affidavit Forms)

When is an Affidavit Needed?

Every time a person is required to prove that the facts presented by him are authentic, he would have to produce an affidavit. This can be demanded by government as well as private agencies for a number of reasons. An affidavit is needed for various purposes. Take a look at some of the common situations when an affidavit may be demanded.

  • When a person appears as a witness in the judicial court
  • To prove his marital status when applying for a passport, renting an apartment or signing up for an insurance policy
  • To prove his financial standing when renting an apartment or applying for a loan
  • To prove his employment status when renting an apartment or applying for a loan
  • To avail certain provisions that may be offered by the government to people supporting invalids and handicapped people
  • To prove the ownership of a property
  • To prove the age of a child in case his birth certificate goes missing

> Free Affidavit Form

free affidavit of identity form
free affidavit of residence form
blank affidavit form free

People who are not aware of how to design an affidavit may have to take the help of an expert for the purpose. However, if they are facing a financial crunch, this could be tough. Such people can use the free affidavit forms. Free of cost, these forms are designed by experts and comprise of all the important elements that should be an integral part of an affidavit. (11+ Sample Free Affidavit Forms)

> General Affidavit Form

notarized general affidavit form
blank general affidavit form11
attorney general affidavit form

A general affidavit form is a generalized version of an affidavit which can be used to design any kind of affidavit document. This form contains all the important segments thus ensuring that the user does not miss out on any crucial information in the affidavit. The form can be altered by the user as per his need. (8+ Sample General Affidavit Forms)

What is the Use of a Sworn Affidavit?

A sworn affidavit is a written statement that should be signed by a person who then becomes legally obliged to tell the truth. After signing this document is the person furnishes false information, he can be held in contempt and legal action can be taken against him.

A sworn affidavit is mainly used by courts to ensure that the witness who may have agreed to testify in a trial states only the truth. While signing a sworn affidavit, the person is required to prove his identity as well. The sworn affidavit should not only be signed by the witness but also by a notary who is legally allowed to put a person under oath. The affidavit should then be sealed with the notary’s seal and submitted to the court.

> Small Estate Affidavit Form

affidavit for collecting personal property
small estate affidavit blank form
small estate affidavits with sample form

When a property owner dies without a will, his next of kin can use a small estate affidavit to speed up the process of resolving the matter of ownership of the estate. A small estate affidavit form can be used to draft such a document as it gives the user an idea of the information and segments to be included. (9+ Sample Small Estate Affidavit Forms)

> Sworn Affidavit Form

affidavit to be sworn by father
how to write an affidavit
sworn affidavit for passport

When a person is required to swear that the information provided by him is authentic, he should sign a sworn affidavit that legally obliges him to be truthful. Any discrepancy in this can lead him to severe punishment. A sworn affidavit form can be used by the concerned authority to draft such a document. Using this form helps them to make sure that they do not miss out on any crucial information or segment. (9+ Sample Sworn Affidavit Forms)

How to Get an Affidavit?

You can easily get an affidavit by requesting for it from a notary or the court. Given below are the steps that will help you get an affidavit, irrespective of what you need for it.

  • Approach a notary or the court for an affidavit form. It should be noted that affidavit forms are available free of cost.
  • Once you get the form, fill it in with all the relevant details. Most forms comprise of directions that simplify the form filling process.
  • List down all the details whose authenticity you wish to prove with this affidavit.
  • Once you are done, take the form to a notary and get it signed and sealed by him.
  • Your affidavit is ready.

> Witness Affidavit Form

witness sworn affidavit form1
witness statement affidavit form2
marriage witness affidavit form2

A person acting as a witness in a case is required to swear that the information provided by him is authentic and true. Signing a witness affidavit legally obliges him to tell the truth. A witness affidavit form is used to draft this document as it gives the user an idea of the right way to write the content with the required legal jargon. (8+ Sample Witness Affidavit Forms)

How to Write an Affidavit of Support?

An affidavit of support is used when a person needs to guarantee that the applicant applying for a certain provision is known to him and is a trustable citizen. This affidavit is used when a person applied for a visa, for immigration or for the citizenship of a country. It can also be used to prove the marital status or financial standing of a person. Here is how an affidavit of support can be written.

  • At the top should be the name of the person writing the affidavit. In this case, this should be the person who is offering guarantee for the applicant.
  • This should be followed by the date of birth and the place of birth of the person.
  • Next, should be written the reason for the affidavit and what the person thinks about the applicant.
  • This should be followed by the details of the relationship that the affiant shares with the applicant. This should include information like how they met, how long they have known each other, how often they meet etc.
  • At the end should be a segment to put in the date of the affidavit and the signature of the affiant.


Designing an affidavit is easier said than done especially if you have no idea how to do it. However, thanks to the sample affidavit form, you really don’t have to fret over this. You can easily find the perfect form online, download it and then customize it as per your need. Using these sample forms can actually help in saving a lot of your time.

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