Whenever there is a deal, there is a need of an agreement form. An agreement form deals with the terms and conditions of the deal that both the buyer and the seller have to agree for the deal to go through. It ensures the protection of both parties from exploitation and to avoid any future legal cases. Agreement forms are legal documents that can be used in future for legal cases and they are generally signed in front of notary officer when the deal is big enough like real estate.

> Rental Agreement Form

A typical rental agreement form contains all the fields to collect information about the person/persons taking rent, details about the property that is on rent and the terms and conditions the tenant has to obey. Apart from that, it also contains the financial details and clauses of termination of rental services. (9+ Rental Sample Agreement Forms)

> Lease Agreement Form

A lease agreement form is applicable when a property or machinery is leased out to the interested party. All the details of the lease are present on the agreement form such as the terms and conditions of the deal such as financial details, the legality of the use of the item on lease and details of the person or company taking the lease and liability terms of the items. It makes sure that the items stay intact when returned. (8+ Sample Lease Agreement Forms)

> Purchase Agreement Form

A purchase agreement form contains the details of the understanding between the buyer and the seller of the item. It generally contains the terms and conditions agreed upon either directly or by a broker. It makes the deal transparent and it carries the proof of transfer of ownership. It is written from the perspective of a purchaser while a seller can also provide a sales agreement form. (9+ Sample Purchase Agreement Forms)

What are sample agreements?

Agreements are documents that make a deal official. There are different types of agreements depending on the purpose and type of dealings. The most widely used sample agreements are business agreement forms, rental and lease agreement forms, loan agreement forms, real estate and land agreement forms, partnership agreement forms and much more. Depending on the working scenarios, companies and individuals must have sample agreements at their disposal that they can edit and modify according to their needs.

Sample agreements make the deal go in a professional way and they contain all the required provisions and terms and conditions that will protect both the parties participating in the deal. Sample agreements are prepared by professionals and they can be used as legal documents in case any dispute arises in future. The agreements contain all the little details about the deal starting for detailed information about the parties, financial transaction, the condition of usage of items belonging in the deal, legal provision in case of violation and other necessities.

There are other types of sample agreements like confidentiality agreement forms when the deal is private. There are non-disclosure agreement forms to make sure the details of the deal do not go outside for public.

> Tenancy Agreement Form

A tenancy agreement form is for an understanding between a tenant and a landlord. It is generally written from the perspective of a tenant and on the other hand, the landlord will produce rental agreement form. A typical tenancy agreement form defines the legal terms and conditions of tenancy to make the deal transparent and legal. (8+ Sample Tenancy Agreement Forms)

> Loan Agreement Form

Loan agreement forms are very common and it is mandatory every time a person takes a loan from a bank, any financial institution or another person. It specifies the details of the deal like loan amount, premium amount, the tenure of loan and states the conditions clearly in case there is a delay or default. (9+ Sample Loan Agreement Forms)

> Sales Agreement Form

A sales agreement form states a buyer has to buy a certain product or service till the agreement is valid and likewise, the seller has to provide the service or product as agreed. It also mentions the financial part such as the amount, the installments and the release of full payment dates. It also specifies agreed terms and conditions of the deal in written form. (10+ Sample Sales Agreement Forms)

> Real Estate Agreement Form

Real estate dealings are very common and with every real estate transaction, an agreement form is mandatory. Real estate agreement form is the written version of the verbally agreed terms and conditions after a negotiate by a broker on the behalf of both the parties. In the case of buy and sale of property, it also states the change of ownership clauses. (8+ Sample Real Estate Agreement Forms)

> Residential Agreement Form

A residential agreement form is a subpart of property agreement form whereby a landlord rents his residential construction to a tenant based on certain terms and conditions. It contains the details of the residential property and information about the landlord and tenant along with violation conditions of the agreement and its consequences. (8+ Sample Residential Agreement Forms)

Legal Agreement Between Two Parties

Whenever a deal is big and involves monetary transactions, a legal agreement has to be signed between the two parties doing the deal. A legal agreement is signed in front of a notary officer who would also be a witness to the deal. Furthermore, there are other important people who can be witness of the deal so that in case of legal cases in future, they can provide evidence as and when required.

When the deal is regarding real estate or between two companies, generally the lawyers also take part in the signing of legal agreement to make sure all the terms and conditions are favorable and there is no scope of cheating or fraudulent activity.

The main purpose of the legal agreement is to make the deal official on the terms and conditions discussed and agreed beforehand. It becomes a written document or legal proof of the deal and in case of any disputes such as legal disputes, monetary disputes, third-party disputes, the guilty party can be held responsible with necessary proofs. It also protects both the parties from exploitation in future.

A legal agreement is mandatory when a company awards a project to another company and if the terms are breached that are on the legal agreement form such as deadline or quality of delivery, the guilty party has to pay the price as per the provision on the agreement form.

Legal agreement examples are real estate agreement, contract agreement, partnership agreement, loan agreement, lease agreement and many more. There are sample legal agreement forms available which have all the required provisions and terms as they are prepared by professional.

They are editable and can be made exclusive for any company with a few adjustments. Companies and individuals should always encourage the other party to go for a legal agreement for any monetary dealing so that they never get cheated.

> Rent Agreement Form

A rent agreement allows a tenant to stay in allotted residential premise which is owned by a landlord. Such agreement form clearly mentions the tenure of stay, the rent amount and the terms and conditions for the usage and maintenance of the property. It prevents the tenant from exploiting the landlord and his property. (8+ Sample Rent Agreement Forms)

> Tenant Agreement Form

A tenant agreement form is provided by the landlord to the tenant to fill in the details about his and his family members who will be living with him or her. It mentions the terms and conditions and details of the deal so that in future no disputes occur by any chance. It also mentions the do’s and don’ts for proper maintenance and no social issues. (8+ Sample Tenant Agreement Forms)

> Room Agreement Form

A room agreement form is applicable when a company or an individual takes a room on rent for office or showroom or living. It contains all the necessary provisions for the different purpose of the usage of the room in the proper way and the details of the deal and consequences of violation of the terms. (9+ Sample Room Agreement Forms)

> Month To Month Rental Agreement Form

A month to month rental agreement form is very popular these days as the landlord does not want to take the responsibility of the tenant for long because it leads to a lot of default in payments. It is also useful for companies taking a room for showroom because within a month or two they would understand how their business will do. Such forms are automatically renewable. (8+ Sample Month to Month Rental Agreement Forms)

> Commercial Agreement Form

Commercial agreement forms are more like a contract or legal binding where both the parties have to agree to provide a service or stay away from certain practices. There are commercial agreements between companies to do joint venture where each of them will look after allotted area of sales. A commercial agreement is also to restrain competitors from duplicating design or product. (9+ Sample Commercial Agreement Forms)

> House Agreement Form

House agreement form is same as residential agreement form where a house along with premises is given on rent for residential purposes. It states the terms and conditions to follow to maintain the deal till the agreed tenure and it specifies the details of the rent to make it transparent and legal. (8+ House Agreement Form Samples)

> Contract Agreement Form

A contract agreement form makes a deal between two parties legal and binding. It is used for providing services or awarding a project to a company that has certain clauses such as deadline, quality, and final outcome. Such forms are based on the law of the land in case there is a violation of the contract terms and conditions. (8+ Sample Contract Agreement Forms)

> Land Agreement Form

A land agreement form is applicable when a buyer buys a property from the owner by paying the purchase price in installment. It makes sure that the ownership of the property gets transferred completely only when the entire payment is made and makes the buyer the temporary owner of the property upon the payment of the first installment. (9+ Sample Land Agreement Forms)

> Business Agreement Form

A business agreement form is necessary when two companies make a deal of collaboration or joint venture. The agreement clearly specifies the details of the deal and they are formal and to the point. They are prepared by professionals upon the verbal agreement of both the companies. (8+ Sample Business Agreement Forms)

> Confidentiality Agreement Form

Confidentiality agreements forms are very useful in a big business deal when the details of the deal should not reach the public medium for various business related reasons. They are applicable for business takeover and buyouts and collaborations especially between two companies which are fully private. It is a move to prevent the competitors from understanding the details of a deal. (10+ Sample Confidentiality Agreement Forms)

How To Make A Rental Agreement Forms?

A rental agreement deal is absolutely mandatory whenever a property is involved in a deal. It can be selling out a property, giving it on rent or lease and transferring the authority. The manual procedure for preparing a legal rental agreement form is hectic. It cannot be done by self as all the points and terms are to be covered so that there is no scope of misuse or exploitation. You can do anyone of the following two.

Supposing that you are an agent who is the middle man for the rental deal, you can arrange a meeting between the two parties, discuss all the terms and conditions and negotiate to reach a conclusion regarding all the points including the financial part as well.

Then you can prepare a draft of those discussed points and get it signed by both the parties and send it to a professional agency to prepare a perfect and balanced rental agreement form. Once the form is prepared, you can send it to the parties for a final review before actual signing of the agreement in front of witnesses.

The second way is much easier and this is what everyone does. You can download a sample rental agreement forms. It mostly contains all the provisions as they are prepared by the professionals. You can go through it and understand all the provisions. Then you arrange a meeting between two parties and discuss all the provisions one by one and note down the conclusions and final suggestions.

When everything is done, you can note down the new points to be included and edit it yourself and include the new points. Thereafter, you can send it to the lawyers of both the parties for a review. This is a better and more efficient way because a single meeting will do the job and save time for you and your parties. It will make sure that you cover all the provisions in one meeting.

> Partnership Agreement Form

Most of the businesses in the world start with a partnership venture. A partnership agreement form is mandatory in such scenarios and it is applicable even when a new partner joins the business to make sure there are no future disputes in case of difference in opinions and the stakes of the partnerships are clear and the deal is transparent defining the role of the partners. (9+ Sample Partnership Agreement Forms)

> Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

NDA form or Non- disclosure agreement forms are a subpart of confidentiality agreement forms that are useful when a deal is such that none of the parties should disclose about it in public and if they do, they are liable for legal charges. It is applicable for settling disputes with a hefty monetary payment. (10+ Non-Disclosure Agreement Sample Forms)

> Personal Agreement Form

One needs personal agreement forms when he is taking a loan from another person and getting a loan in exchange of valuables like jewelry. It clearly mentions the deal and what is at stake. It also states the premium and the amount of the loan and what would be the consequences of failing the premiums. (10+ Sample Personal Agreement Forms)

Agreement Sample Between Two Parties

Once the review part is done, they have to arrange a date for signing the agreement form and making it official. The parties will arrive with witnesses and a legal notary officer with notarized the documents and once he clears all the papers such as property tax, stamp tax and others, the forms can be signed in front of the witnesses and the deal will go through smoothly.


Every deal must go through a process of signing appropriate agreement forms to make the deal legal and official. Any monetary deal without agreement form can lead to fraudulent cases and extreme disputes in future. All you need to do is download the sample agreement forms, edit them as per requirement, take a print out and notarize them and get the deal done.

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