A job application form is a tool used by most applicants as a means of applying for a certain employment position they are interested in working for, as well as providing the employer with a list of all of your skill sets and your qualifications for the job position you wish to apply to.

It also consists of your character referrals and your educational achievements that would be used to further check your qualifications. This type of document can be considered important, because it will provide the employer with a list of potential candidates, as well as keep your contact information available in case a position within the company opens up and will require your specific set of skills and qualifications.

Job application forms are often mistaken for resumes. Although a job application form has similar requirements and content as that of a resume, contrary to most understandings, a job application form has some differences from a resume. To learn these differences, feel free to continue reading through this article.

What is the Difference Between a Job Application Form and a Resume?

The idea that a job application form and a resume is, as the saying goes,  two sides of the same coin is false, and a common misinterpretation did by most people. There is no shame in admitting that at one point, you did mistake the two documents to be interchangeable and similar.

However, you owe it to yourself to learn the actual difference between a job application form and a resume, whether it is to correct yourself, or to learn the true function of each document. Now, let us begin discussing the differences between a job application form and a resume. In total, there at least three differences between a job application form and a resume. These differences are:

  • When it comes to the length and format of a job application form, it can be considered short and simple. Compared to a resume, which would typically showcase your complete skills and qualifications for the job you are applying to.
  • A resume gives a more in depth description of the person’s past job experiences and qualifications, because resumes are a typically a couple pages long, without counting the resume cover letter yet. On the other hand, job application forms only give a short description about your work experience to keep the document brief, and to save time.
  • A resume is typically sent directly to the employer either via direct mail or direct submission, which is typically done to avoid any inconvenience with conflicting time schedules. A job application form is usually made on the spot in order to immediately determine the difference in skills and qualities illustrated by the applicants.

What are Application Forms?

Before we discuss the definition of what an application form is, we should discuss the definition of application in this phrase. The word application has many meanings, such as to use a certain program or software. But at the same time, it could mean the usage of a piece of hardware as well.

Another definition of application would be to apply or put on something, whether it be medication or an ointment. However, in this case, application does not mean any of the above-mentioned definitions of an application. Rather, the definition of application in this situation would be to request or to demand something from another person by submitting an application form to the other person.

Now, an application form is a type of document that is used as a means of requesting for an opportunity to apply for an open job position and be employed by an organization by means of completing the requirements of the documents and then submitting it to the employer.

Tips for Making Your Own Job Application Form

Now that you know what a job application form is and what it is for, you may be curious about how you should approach the task of making a job application form. If that is the case, then you are in luck, because we will now begin to describe s couple of helpful tips that you should take note of when making or creating a job application form. To make your own job application form you will need to:

  • When creating your job application form, it is important to keep track of the qualifications and the necessary skill sets needed for the job position you are applying to. So as to be able to keep it short and simple and within a single page of the job application form. This is because most organizations today, although they are seeking skilled employees, are also looking for employees that are humble.
  • On the same subject of keeping things simple, do not make your job application overly long. Your potential future employers only want to know what makes you the right person for the job, not your entire life story starting from when you were a child. Only state the relevant information that the job recruiters are asking of you.

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