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Applying for a job is similar to purchasing a particular product wherein the buyer is the applicant and the seller is the company. Then we have the Application Form as the Invoice and a Job Offer Letter as the receipt of the purchase.

A Job-related Letter is deemed to meet formalities and professionalism which hereby applies to the specific letter that an HR will send to a qualified applicant, the Job Offer. This letter mainly contains the company’s desire to hire the applicant and will state the benefits of what the applicant is expected to have during his employment.

Applicants can also make a Job Offer Letter, however, in the form of a response to either acceptance or declination of the offer. This Job Acceptance Letter from the employed applicant will indicate the applicant’s interest, inquiries, and even requests pertaining to his job position. The Rejection or Declination Letter, on the other hand, will explain the applicant’s reasons of why he prefers to withdraw from his application and what particular circumstances have triggered his disinterest for the job. These documents may be sent directly to the address of the company or will be sent through the company’s email.

Steps in Making a Job Offer Letter

Every company has their own standard with regards to making company related documents. Nonetheless, making a Job Offer Letter for a hired applicant will be under similar and uniform rules. Here are the steps on how an employer can create the appropriate Job Offer Letter:

Step 1: Indicate the recipient or the applicant’s details including his name and his address.
Step 2: Greet and address the applicant.
Step 3: Create the body. Specifically, as the HR, write the name of the company and state the job position that the applicant applied for.
Step 4: Write a statement referring to his qualified skills and abilities for the job position.
Step 5: Discuss in the body of the letter about the interest of the company to hire the applicant and his expected starting salary.
Step 6: In another paragraph, state the applicant’s insurance coverage and benefits for the position.
Step 7: End the letter stating the company’s privilege for a Job Acceptance Letter from the applicant.
Step 8: Write the name of the HR or you, as the hiring personnel, and affix the signature above the name.
Step 9: Save the document as your Job Letter template so you won’t have to create another one from scratch for the next applicants.

Letters are useful tools to reach out anyone beyond the company’s premises. These can also aid in stating the explanations, details, and all the needed information for a particular subject. This Job Offer Letter is like a Marriage Contract between the company and the employee that will have their terms, obligations, responsibilities, and other matters regarding the relationship for both parties. Henceforth, making any sort of Job Letter or Job Form should be done with adequate knowledge about the subject and the purpose of the document.

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