Two of the most common lies that employers have witnessed on some applicants are about job titles and salaries. These lies, however, were done due to the desperateness of an applicant to land a job and immediately be hired with a good pay. Nonetheless, employers and other organizations should always promote and assure a preventive measure before hiring and accepting anyone to be part of a company or business.

An effective document which can be used as part of a preventive measure process of a company is an employment verification form. This will allow the current employer or the user of the form to gather data and information about the applicant from his stated references and people. It is vital that whoever fills out the form must read all the instructions and should know which area he will be required to fill out since there are two separate sections for separate people. The steps below will guide you, whether you are an employer, or an applicant, in filling out and supplying the right information for the employment verification form.

For the Applicant

If you are an applicant and tenant, you must fill out the first box on the form with your general information.

Step 1: Fill in your complete name starting from your last name, then your first name, and your middle initial or middle name.

Step 2: Indicate your legal identification numbers such as a social security number or a national id number.

Step 3: State your current residential or employee address. In the event that you filed a document for a change of address, you will need to indicate your previous and new addresses.

Step 4: Write your contact information including your contact numbers from work and your personal contact numbers.

Step 5: Affix your signature on the blank space provided with your name and the current date when the form was submitted.

For the Previous Employer

If you are a previous employer of a prospective tenant or applicant, the second box found on the employment verification form will be the area where you will need to supply your data.

Step 1: State your name as well as the name of your company.

Step 2: Write down the specific job title of the previous applicant.

Step 3: Specify the first and last dates of the applicant’s employment.

Step 4: Indicate the number of hours that the applicant was able to work including the number of employee shift change that the applicant requested in his overall duration of garnered work in the company.

Step 5: Mark a box which shows the employee’s position whether full-time, part-time, or if he was a contractual employee.

Step 6: State the company address and the company’s license numbers.

Step 7: Certify the form with the presentation of your signature.

Commonly, the applicant’s previous employer will be the person whom the current company will ask a set of questions and will demand to fill out a verification form. This is due to the reason that the previous employer is the appropriate individual that knows the exact background and history of the applicant. The employment verification form may also be used by a landlord who aims to assure that his new prospective tenant is a responsible payer for the rent, is currently employed, and not jobless.

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