Landing and maintaining a job can be a difficult phase in one’s life which is why providing sufficient documentation to prove one’s eligibility is important, not only for the employee but for the company as well. Specifically, the form to be used for this type of intention is an employment eligibility verification form which should be given by the human resource department of a company towards their employees.

Employment Eligibility Verification Form

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What Is an Employment Eligibility Verification Form?

Employment eligibility verification forms, also known as the I-9 document, is a legal employment form which is used by companies and organizations for determining the eligibility of their hired personnel, staff, contractors, and employees. The form is essential to be completed by the employee as this will aid the company in verifying his claimed data and information. Moreover, this form is now available in a format which is more convenient and accessible known as the e-verify. The e-verify application software should be supplied by the State’s homeland security for it to be validated and legal, and this should only be used by employers for verifying the work authorizations and other details of their newly hired employees.

Sections Found in an Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Even though employment eligibility verification forms are used throughout the country and are used by different companies, the forms should still have the same sections and contents to be collected from the employee and the employer regardless of its variation. Below are the top three sections found in any employment eligibility verification form that companies and their employees should fulfill:

  • Section 1: Employee Information and Verification – This section of the form is essential to be kept timely and up to date by both the employee and the employer. However, only the employee will be filling in the fields required in this section. To complete the employee information and verification section, the employee should print his first, last, and middle names on the provided area, then, he must state his full residential address, date of birth, and social security number as well. An attestation statement must be agreed and signed by the employee which will indicate his citizenship of whether he is a national citizen of the United States of America, or if he is a lawful permanent resident, and if he is an authorized foreign worker. If the employee is not a national citizen, he should disclose his alien number or his admission number to allow the authorities in checking and verifying his alien status in the country.

In the event that the employee is not the one who is completing the form, either due to unavailability or to being incapacitated at the time of the requirement, or if the employee requires the aid of a guide for him to complete the form, then a preparer or translator certification should be filled out. This area of the form is allotted for collecting the name of the preparer of the document, his signature, address, and the date of when the form was completed.

  • Section 2: Employer Review and Verification – The employer review and verification section of the form is intended to be filled out by the employer or the company’s representative. In order to complete this section, the employer should be able to acquire the proof or document evidence of the employee for the eligibility verification process. Each submitted legal form and document must be checked thoroughly by the employer, reviewed, and verified for legitimacy. The data to be stated in this section of the form are the details of the documents ranging from the document’s title, the name of the authority who issued and notarized the document, the document issuance number, and the document’s expiration date. Similar to the employee’s section, the employer must affix his signature inside the allotted attestation statement block wherein he will be bound to the State’s laws especially in the events of circumstances where penalties will be executed for a failure in supplying facts and accurate information.
  • Section 3: Updating and Reverification – The form’s third section is also another portion of the form which is required to be fulfilled by the company or the employee’s employer. This section will gather every bit of legal information which had been changed by the employee such as a legal name change and the details of his updated documents. The employer can also state the date of when the employee was rehired or subjected to a new job position in their company in this section of the form.

Additionally, there is a sheet of form which is enclosed or attached with the employment eligibility verification form. The attached form is a guide that the employer can use for determining what specific documents he can accept from the employee to verify himself. There are three columns in the attached sheet which allows the employer to choose alternative forms in the event that the employee could not provide the required documents on time for the verification process.

Employment Eligibility Verification Supplement Form

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When to Use an Employment Eligibility Verification Supplement Form?

An employment eligibility verification supplement form is only applicable to be provided by an employer if the employee is an individual who requires the aid of more than one preparer and document translator. In the form, there are four boxes allotted for collecting the general information of the translators along with their signed attestations and the date of when they have signed the supplement form. Once completed, the supplement form must be submitted along with the employment eligibility verification form and the requirements of the employee.

When it comes to dealing with an employment eligibility verification form, there is one objective that comes to the mind of the user and the provider of the form which is to ensure that the worker in a company is legally allowed to be hired and be employed for a specified period of time. Moreover, using the form also aids a company in collecting updated information and data from the employee whom they newly hired from their job application phase which allows them to know what entries they can use for conducting the eligibility verification effectively.

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