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Employment Application is one of the known processes which happens every single day. This is due to the need for new employees to meet the standards of the company. When a person has successfully created his Curriculum Vitae or Resume and his Resume Cover Letter, it will be his turn to head to the company and start the application process as he receives a call for an interview.

The Human Resource personnel are mostly the assigned people to handle the applicants and provide them with uniformly made Employment Application Forms. Though a resume has been sent to them through online or onsite, it is vital that the Application Form will be completed by the applicant. But what is the reason of why an Employment Application Form is a necessary document for the employer and the company?

Importance of Employment Application Forms

An Employment Application Form is important because:

  • It serves as a Verification Form for the applicant’s background. Since the Application Form has a standardized layout for all the applicants, it will not only highlight the positive skills and abilities of the applicant but also the factual responses required by the company. It contains an oath at the end of the form wherein the applicant will affix his signature as a declaration that he is accounted for his statements and answers.
  • It grants consent for the employers of the company to do a reference check of the applicant. Similar to a Consent Form, an Employment Application Form aims to allow the employers in checking and calling the applicant’s character references. To do this, the employer will draft a Reference Questionnaire for those people whose names are stated on the applicant’s form. The main purpose of doing a reference check is to know the work attitude and stress-management ability of the applicant.
  • It aids the employers to easily scan through the applicant’s qualifications. Compared to having a resume wherein the employer will have to adjust where he should look for data, the Employment Application Form will provide an efficient collection for relevant information only. One result of using this form is an eased up application and hiring process of the company.
  • It lessens and eliminates the possibility of fraud information. Most companies who use a General Application Form for all of their applicants want to assure that regardless of the position they are applying, the information and personality that they are showing are true. According to statistical research done by a known organization, more than 50% of employers have spotted lies and frauds in the Resumes of their applicants. One of the lied areas is about the credentials of the applicant.

These Employment Application Forms may be provided by the employer through a website page, a Printable Application Form, and a physical document format. And regardless of what sort of format that the company will use, the Application Form should meet its purposes and intentions which are to achieve a better data collection process, acquire honest applicant statements, and aid the employers to hire the appropriate and qualified applicant.

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