For every conducted activity or event, the organization makes sure that the expected result or outcome of it will be a success. But in order to know or determine if they have successfully carried out the plans or the objectives of the said event accordingly, they need a helping hand. The best people who could provide this help are the attendees, or the audience of the event. It is essential that the attendees are given feedback forms to fill up because the organizers may have a different perspective on how they view the event held compared to how the attendees experienced it.

What is Feedback?

A feedback is best reviewed when it is written or documented in a form. With the use of these feedback forms, the company or organization will be able to determine if they have successfully conveyed enough information to the people involved, and if they have executed the plans as expected. This is also to determine if the outcome of the planning was achieved according to what was discussed with the team.

In order to ensure the event’s success, thorough planning should be done between the organizers, and event evaluation should be taken place at the end of the said event.

The Different Forms of Feedback

Feedback plays an important role in businesses, since with these forms, the quality of what the company produces, whether an event, a product, or a service is being assessed by the customers or clients. Feedback can be used in many different ways. Event feedback forms have been already discussed above. Here are few more of the different feedback forms that can be used by organizations according to their needs.

Training Feedback Form

This feedback is used in order to assess not just the training program, but also the trainers and the trainees. Technically, this is an evaluation if the trainees have developed and improved themselves in terms of their skills and capabilities in accordance with the training that was conducted.

This training feedback form, which is used to document the results, also evaluates the trainer if he or she was able to convey or apply the objectives in the training program. With this feedback, it is made to ensure that training goals or objectives are attainable by an individual trainee.

Product Feedback Form

This kind of feedback forms are used to evaluate the quality of the product and see if it is safe and used according to its purpose. The reason why products are being evaluated is because companies, specifically toy enterprises, should be considerate with the age limits in producing their products to the public stores.

One thing to do to make sure that products are used according to their purpose is by providing user manuals to the customers or clients. The quality of this is also evaluated using product reviews in order to avoid complaints from customers.

Customer Feedback Form

Customers are given the chance to speak up about what they have experienced with the company’s services. This feedback is also used in order to make sure that customers are satisfied with the products they have purchased, or the services that they have availed. Customer feedback forms are used to ensure that the customer’s rights are not violated.

Interview Feedback Form

This feedback is collected in order to find out if the interview program does not contain any questions that might offend the interviewee. This interview feedback also determines if the program was conducted according to its purpose and its objectives. These are also used to make it clear that there is no form of discrimination, and interviewees are not being forced to answer the questions.

Student Feedback Form

A student feedback form is used to assess or evaluate a student to determine if he or she is doing well in the school or university. This is also used to discover any latent difficulty that the student might be facing, and to identify any specific areas where the student may be having difficulty with. In having this kind of feedback, it is also measured or if the teacher or instructor is doing a great job in providing the student with the proper education that he or she deserves to receive.

Employee Feedback Form

An employee feedback form is used in order for the employee to be given the chance to speak up for himself or herself. This form is used to fill in the gap between the employers and the employees. This form will serve as the bridge to better understanding of the employees’ side not just regarding the work, but also the environment or the workplace. Employees are prioritized in most of the companies since they are the ones who carry out the tasks and see to it that company’s mission and vision are projected in their job services or performance.

The employees are also evaluated in terms of their performance through employee performance appraisal. This is to determine if the employees have developed and improved their skills from the beginning of the appraisal until the end. This is also to measure if they are qualified for the job after evaluating them for the given specific period of time.

Guest Feedback Form

A guest feedback form is often provided at hotels. This is used to measure the satisfaction level of each and every guest within their stay at the hotel room. This also pertains to the room service that were offered to them by the hotel.

If there happens to be a problem, guest complaint forms are requested and filled up for submission to the officer-in-charge. With these kind of feedback forms, the hotel will be aware about what areas they are to change or develop to better serve their guests and satisfy them with their needs and wants.

These are just few of the various feedback forms that are used in everyday business operations and management of the company. These different feedback forms are used for one main purpose, and that purpose is to give chance to people to speak for them to be heard.

Now, the main reason for these feedback forms is to make sure that everything is at ease. This means everything that comes to hand or whatever circumstances arrive, these are being controlled and managed accordingly.

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