There are numerous credit card holders, including premium card holders, around the world. This is due to the convenience and efficiency of acquiring a cash amount on hand anytime and at any place as long as processing machines are available.

Though using a credit card eases up paying a lot of goods and services, a holder must be aware of his limitations and his rights in protecting the usage of his card. Instances such as accidents resulting in a card holder’s injury may require particular Authorization Forms and documents in order to allow another person to do a transaction using the card holder’s credit account.

Transacting online became easier nowadays by only requiring a few digits from the credit card, pieces of information of the holder, and the total amount needed for paying the transaction. In order to grant adequate protection in online and onsite transactions, a card holder must supply a Credit Card Authorization Form is the specific document to handle the needs and intentions of the card holder. Though this form is not frequently used by many, it is a document with a strong importance to whoever is the holder and the user of the form. However, there are some people who seem to forget the significance of this form. Nonetheless, here are the reasons why card holders should use Authorization Forms whenever it is needed:

  • To grant rights. Signing and providing an Authorization Form will allow the other party or the recipient of the form to manipulate and use the property under the name of the owner or the card holder.
  • To protect the account from fraud and identity theft. Thieves are common especially when there are financial matters involved. By having the Credit Card Authorization Form, the owner can state who can transact with his card, and when will the card be allowed for a transaction.
  • To assure that the credits are used on behalf of the owner. Credit card holders should clearly state in the form that they only allow a transaction for particular reasons such as paying for their bills and other fees.
  • To verify the card account. An Authorization Form may also act as a Verification Form if the card holder will indicate in the form that he allows another party to verify his account information and identification. However, if not stated, a verification will not be made even if the card holder verbally told the other involved party.
  • To indicate the payment. The main purpose of having a credit card is to pay immediately, therefore, the card holder must state in the Authorization Form a specific amount of payment as an assurance that his account or account will not be reaching the maximum credit allowance.

Documents which deal with credit cards are not only limited to Credit Card Authorization Forms but as well as Credit Report Forms and Credit Application Forms. These are all documents which are useful and significant for credit card holders in order for them to fully grant protection for their identities, accounts, and financial stability.

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