Every single day, people hand out food supplies, monetary amounts, sacks of clothes, and even houses as the shelter for those who are in great need. Although these are made through acts of kindness, it is always a necessity to document these actions in order to supply proof to government agencies and organizations that the donation program was successfully held. This is the instance when legal forms and other paperwork become necessary to be prepared and completed by the donor. One of the documents that are used for donation events and programs are known as donation forms.

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Donation Form

A donation form is a document that is used by organizations to collect the general information of a donor. This must be completed before the donor will hand out his donations and participate in the program. In order to create this form, the steps must be followed:

1. Begin by creating the header of the donation form.

The header must contain the title of the donation program and the name of the organization that is conducting the event. Additionally, the event information such as where and when the event will take place can also be stated to allow the donors be informed and be reminded of the event’s essentials. You may also like donation request forms.

2. Indicate a section for the donor’s personal information.

The personal information refers to the donor’s title, full legal name, complete residential address, and contact number as well as the donor’s electronic mail address. The donor’s membership identification number can also be included in this section if the donation program honors membership donations.

3. Include an area for the donation information.

In this section, the donor must be able to indicate how he will provide his donation and what type of donation he will be giving. This section must have subcategories that are intended for varying donations such as cash donations and product donations. For cash donations, the donor must be given with an option to whether to send the amount through a debit card and bank account or if he prefers to hand the amount directly to the organization’s officials. On the other hand, the donor must specify what sorts of products he had given along with their quantity so that the organization will be able to segregate and give out the products equally to the target individuals. You may also like donation letter samples.

4. Create a legal statement of declaration.

The declaration statement is essential for securing that the donor provided his donations based on his own will and has authorized the organization to disseminate his donations. This section must also include a signature area for the donor to affix his signature and a date of when the donor sent his donations. You may also like donation receipt forms.

5. Add the organization’s contact details.

This last section is one of the most significant among the forms since it serves as a bridge that allows both the donor and the organization to reach out whenever there are event inquiries and questions about the program. You may also see sample donation receipt forms.

With the steps above, any organization will be able to successfully conduct their donating program and build better relationships with their donors.

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