A survey form is a means to gather information about a certain topic that has peaked your interest or a topic you wish to raise awareness. The most common of which would be the customer satisfaction survey that is used as a means of determining the companies customer satisfaction, this, in turn, would have the company change their current marketing strategy to something that would give a more positive feedback.

Now, The importance of a survey can be defined as crucial due to the fact that it can give companies a more civilian point of view to their companies current marketing strategy and in turn, would improve the companies image as well due to their transparency in their work. Creating a survey form is actually quite simple and is often times overlooked due to the fact that nobody wants to do the survey.

How to Create a Survey using Excel

Creating a survey is quite simple especially a Customer Satisfaction Survey Form you will need to begin by selecting the program you wish to use, in this case, we will be using an excel program. To begin making your survey using an Excel program you will need to:

  • Before you even begin the program you will need to already list down your survey questions to make things easier.
  • After opening the Excel program, you can do one of two things: use a sample survey form in Excel format, or you can begin with adding questions to the cells in the Excel program, arrange the questions in whatever order you wish.
  • Select the rows and columns you used for inputting the questions and put them inside a box.
  • Save the output and then print as many as needed.

How to Create a Survey Using Word

Creating a survey using a Word program is much easier than developing a survey in an Excel program, this is simply caused the Word program has more functions then an Excel program. Now, to make a survey using the Word program simply:

  • Open the Word program and determine the type of survey form you will be making, say a Supplier Survey Form.
  • Before you write anything, ask yourself, “What is a Survey?” and whats the reason you will make a survey.
  • Begin writing the questions that will provide the type of information you will need to answer your survey.
  • Use several forms of asking questions, you are not limited to asking essay type questions like in Excel format surveys, you can use multiple choice and any other form of question formats.
  • Save the program and print as many as necessary.

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Survey Form

Now we know how to make a general survey form format and this is good because most survey forms follow these general formats, examples of survey forms following a general format would be, a Market Survey Form, a Survey Evaluation Form, a Customer Survey Form, and even a Survey Questionnaire Form. But what if you don’t want to make it too basic? Well then here are some helpful tips when making a survey form.

  • Keep the survey short, simple and straight to the point. This can be done by simply making the question format to multiple choices so as to simplify the answers you will receive.
  • Have some basic background designs that will complement the questions you have for the survey.

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