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Any product or service based organization will want to cater to their customer feedback and complaints even after the transaction. And in order to be able to efficiently process those requests in a systematic manner, companies make use of complaint forms.

Complaint forms are used by an organization to get the customers’ input. Human resource team makes use of these forms the most. Below here are mentioned some of the different types of complaint form samples for you to use.

Medicare Complaint Form

medicare quality of care complaint form1
medicare privacy complaint form sample
medicare beneficiary complaint form1

This complaint form can be used by those who want to complain about their Medicare health plan. These forms can directly be sent Medicare for even your prescription feedback or any other complaint or question regarding the health insurance. Here is a sample that you can use as a template for writing in your Medicare complaint form. (8+ Medicare Complaint Form Samples)

Patient Complaint Form

free patient complaint form
patient complaint form sample1
patient complaint form example

A patient complaint form will be used by a person who is making use of the hospital or any other medical services. The form can be used for complaints or concern about certain services, or the staff members, including doctors and nurses. Usually, these forms are forwarded to the corresponding manager of the department the complaint is about. (7+ Patient Complaint Form Samples)

Complaint Sheet Format

The purpose of all the different complaint forms listed above is the same, which is to raise a complaint regarding any of the issue involving the complainee. Though the content of it might vary, there is a general format that any complaint sheet follows.

  • Introduction: the initial content of the complaint sheet will always contain the name and contact information of the complainant filing the complaint. Apart from that, the identification details such as age, sex, id number (employee id/insurance id/etc.) should be filled as well in a tabular manner.
  • Description: the next section in a complaint sheet is providing the details to the reader regarding the complaint. This starts with who or what the complaint is about. It can be the name of the people or the product that was bought. The description bit will contain the details that uniquely identify the product, such as, make, model number. Similarly, it can be regarding a service and can contain the service description as the date, locality, and bill number, so as to uniquely refer to the complaint episode.
  • Information:  the next section is the usually the information about what the complaint the actual complaint is. Usually, this is four to five lines of text which constitute the facts or the narrative of the complaint in a brief and precise manner.
  • Declaration: towards the end, the complainant needs to write a statement declaring all the above-mentioned details in the complaint sheet are true to their knowledge. This is closed with the signature.

The format follows the above-mentioned flow. Note that most of the complaint forms are usually created in a tabular fashion. That is done to make them easier to read and go through and be able to extract useful information in a simpler and systematic manner.

Official Complaint Form

match official complaint form1
ridership official complaint form1
sample official complaint form

An official complaint form is one that is issued by the organization itself. It can be a complaint form for the government officials and employees of other subdivision. A form like this is used to declare all the facts that are known corresponding to the complaint. Have a look at this sample provided below to get a better understanding of it. (8+ Sample Official Complaint Forms)

Service Complaint Form

customer service complaint form3
telephone preference service complaint form
health service complaint form sample

If you are unhappy with the services provided by a certain company, using a service complaint form would let you register for a complaint officially. It can be for the local plumbing service provider or the car washing service station. A service complaint form can be provided by the company itself, otherwise, here is a sample that you can use as a template. (7+ Service Complaint Form Samples)

Workplace Complaint Form

workplace relations complaint form
workplace violence complaint form
workplace complaint form example1

A workplace complaint form is for the employees to bring up a concern or a complaint regarding certain aspects of the workplace. This complaint is thus processed by the HR team who in turn will forward it to the concerning department or personnel. It is also a healthy practice to be able to freely voice your opinion with a workplace environment. (8+ Sample Workplace Complaint Forms)

Legal Complaint Form

blank legal complaint form1
legal complaint sample form
legal complaint form example1

A legal complaint form is usually the starting point for any civil case. Legal complaint form is used by the plaintiff who wants to sue a defendant. The form is to contain the details regarding the relief that is expected and the reasoning for the entitlement to the relief. There is usually a filing fee attached to a legal complaint form. (7+ Legal Complaint Form Samples)

HR Complaint Form

hr complaint intake form6
hr complaint investigation form5
hr complaint form sample

The name might sound simple, but a company’s HR team has a great responsibility towards employee and client satisfaction. And that means being able to take in the feedback and also efficiently implement the changes that are true to the policies of the company. Here is a sample for an HR complaint form that can be used by the team to draw their complaint form. (10+ Sample HR Complaint Forms)

Financial Complaint Form

financial registrar complaint form
financial regulator complaint form1
policyholder financial complaint form1

A financial complaint form, as the name suggests, is a complaint form specifically used for issues relating to financial product and services. It can be used by a customer to get a response from the company. A financial complaint form is usually more detailed information related to the product or the service thoroughly described. (6+ Financial Complaint Form Samples)

Customer Complaint Form

bank customer complaint form1
online customer complaint form1
customer service complaint form2

Here is an example of a general complaint form that can be used by any customer to file a complaint or raise an issue relating to the goods or the services bought from the company. There are multiple different formats and templates available for a customer complaint form as it would vary from company to company. (8+ Customer Complaint Form Samples)

Insurance Complaint Form

life insurance complaint form sample
long and short insurance complaint form
free insurance complaint form1

An insurance complaint form is used to forward a complaint to the insurance service providers and such companies. If there is any issue that the customer faces with regard to the insurance services, he or she can file a complaint using an insurance complaint form. Here is a sample for you to look at. (8+ Insurance Complaint Form Samples)

Hotel Complaint Form

customer hotel complaint form sample
hotel tax complaint form example
hotel guest complaint form sample

A Hotel business is one of the industries that handle a lot of different and new customers every day. And not each one of them will be equally happy with the services provided by the hotel. So a customer can use a hotel complaint form to bring to notice to the hotel administration about any problem faced during the stay. (7+ Hotel Complaint Form Samples)

How To Write A Formal Complaint Letter?

Having to face issues regarding a product or service you are availing to can be an irritating process. And on top of that to get the officials from the organization to resolve it can be even more frustrating. Usually, the first choice is the phone or an email for the same. But in times when you need to write a complaint letter, there are certain things you will need to keep in mind to make sure it sounds serious to the company.

  • The tone of the entire complaint letter needs to be formal and polite. At no point can it get opinionated, threatening or have an angry pitch to it. You need to know that the person reading the letter is the one who will put the effort to help you resolve your complaint, and is not the one responsible.
  • The next thing to make sure is to keep it brief and precise with only the necessary information regarding the product or the service you availed to. The details can be the model or the serial number of the product, the name of the seller, the location or the store where the transaction took place.
  • A complaint letter is usually the last resort and comes only after a few other options. So it is important to mention the previous communication with the company regarding the complaint, maybe a phone call or the exchange of emails.
  • A complaint letter should always contain the expectations of the complainant regarding how he/she expects the organization to take the complaint forward and how soon you would like the representative to send a response.
  • Your name, contact information, and the closing signature are a must that goes into the letter. If there is any specific identification number, then that too.

There is also an optional section that is used by the team receiving the complaint sheet to mark them according to different departments or categories, along with date and time of receiving it. This helps to track them easily and make sure the complaints are being looked into efficiently. Make sure to attach copies of relevant documents that might work for reference purposes.

Medical Complaint Form

texas medical complaint form example
formal medical complaint form
medical device complaint form sample

A medical complaint form is a consumer complaint form used to file a complaint regarding unprofessional or unsatisfactory experience about the hospital, medical staff or any other medical service provider. Have a look at this sample here to know more about this simple complaint form that can be used even as a patient’s complaint form. (9+ Medical Complaint Form Samples)

Consumer Complaint Form

free consumer complaint form
consumer complaint form format
printable consumer complaint form

Consumer complaint form is the subdivision of the product side of a customer complaint. It is used to file a complaint and to bring it to the notice of the company about any faulty experience with regards to the product provided by the company. It can also be used to avail warranty and guarantee services. (6+ Consumer Complaint Form Samples)

Service Complaint Form

telephone preference service complaint form
health service complaint form sample
civil service complaint form sample

A service complaint form is very much similar to a customer complaint form. Usually, different companies have their own format for a complaint form for their customers to file a complaint against the services provided by the company. These days, the complaints are mostly filed online, but here is a sample for you. (7+ Service Complaint Form Samples)

How To File A Complaint Form?

It has been mentioned before as well that a complaint form is usually the last resort in today’s world where we like to deal everything within the first few seconds of the occurrence of the issue. There are multiple ways to file a complaint form. And all of this depend on what the complaint form is for and what is the issue it is relating to.

Most of the procedure of filing a complaint form has moved online, which means you don’t have to be physically sending copies of a filled out form. The e-complaints, as they are commonly called, can usually be obtained on the company’s website or will at least get you in touch with the representative from the company who will help you to resolve your complaint. All the details can be electronically typed into forms custom made for the issue it is being filed for.

In multiple other cases, you might have to get in touch with the authority that is responsible for dealing with customer services. If they don’t have a pre-defined template for their customers’ complaint form, it is better to write a complaint letter and mail it to the team.

The procedure that follows is the same as online. First you will have to find out if you can actually lodge a complaint or not. This condition arises from the initial agreement during the exchange of goods. Or it could be because of other state laws if it is a legal complaint form. For example, being under the age of eighteen might not allow the person to complain about a certain aspect using a civil complaint form. The next step is to actually lodge the complaint with details about the complainant, and then the details of the complaint as explained in the format section of a complaint form.

Harassment Complaint Form

employee harassment complaint form
investigation harassment complaint form
harassment complaint form in pdf

Harassment complaint form is used by different organizations within their corporate structure, apart from the organization that works against harassment. Using this complaint form, a person can bring out a specific event or action of harassment by a coworker or an organization and the undone or the justice that is expected for it. (8+ Sample Harassment Complaint Forms)

Employee Complaint Form

employee complaint concern form
sample mployee complaint form download
employee complaint form template word

This is another complaint form that is handled by the HR team. To maintain the office harmony, the department promotes contacting the team through an employee complaint form to hear from their employees regarding the workplace feedback. Here is a great sample for a professional employee complaint form. (7+ Sample Employee Complaint Forms)

Landlord Complaint Form 

general landlord complaint form
property landlord complaint form
landlord tenant complaint form

A landlord complaint form can be used by a tenant to send a notice to the landlord regarding any of the issues faced. Similarly, a landlord can also use it for his or her reasons against the tenant(s), in case of failure to pay the rent, which might lead to eviction. Here is a sample that can be used as a tenant/landlord complaint form. (7+ Landlord Complaint Form Samples)

With this elaborate list, you can possibly imagine multiple other scenarios when there might be a need for a complaint form. It helps to keep the procedure professional in handling issues and is an aspect of every section of business and trade. 

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