During the job application process, not only will the applicants undergo stress but also the company who conducts the hiring procedures. This is because of the need for companies to hire the right type of people who had met the industry’s or management’s standards and qualifications. With the aid of different job-related forms, the business management will be able to determine who among the final candidates will be chosen to be granted an employment opportunity. One known form that these companies use is an applicant appraisal form, which will be the guide of the hiring managers toward the selection process.

Applicant Appraisal Form Template

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Significant Questions to Include in Applicant Appraisal Forms

Job applicant appraisal forms are similar to evaluation forms which contain questions for each qualification category of the company. Below are some of the significant questions that companies must always include in their applicant appraisal forms:

Does the applicant’s work experience fit the vacant job position’s needs?

By going through the applicant’s submitted curriculum vitae and resume cover letter, you as the hiring manager will be able to get an introduction of the applicant’s work experiences along with the list of his former employers. With this information, you must determine if the applicant has been involved from the same line of work that your company offers.

Are the skills of the applicants useful for the tasks and responsibilities accompanying his job position?

In the event that the applicant has no list of his work experiences, then you can focus on his skills that he learned from his previous education. The skills and the abilities of the applicant will be further proved after a series of tests are provided as part of the job application process. The score of the applicant will aid you in distinguishing what types of seminars and activities will be catered for the applicant’s improvement if he is considered as one of the candidates to be presented with an employment contract.

Does the applicant see himself evolve toward success with the company?

This question will help in discovering the applicant’s attitude toward assuring that the company will be meeting its mission, vision statement, and goals statements.

What would be the applicant’s rank compared to all other candidates with the same level of work experiences and educational attainment?

This is the last question to consider in order to acquire a decision of whether or not to hire the applicant. To assure that the decision was made fair and equal, the applicant should only be compared to those who have similar levels of education and work. You can also see personal appraisal forms.

Why Is an Applicant Appraisal Important?

Applicant appraisal is one of the steps of employee recruitment in any company that is to be done after shortlisting names of applicants and before choosing the final set of candidates. The appraisal is significant to avoid hiring the employees who are not capable of the tasks that will be given to them during their employment. The applicant or the candidate’s scores from the varying psychological and skills assessment tests that were provided to him by the company are included in the appraisal. Additionally, the applicant will also be rated based on his performance and abilities that he portrayed during the job interviews.

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