Affidavits are useful for stating factual statements and information about a particular subject. The person who affixed his signature in an Affidavit Form is commonly known as the “affiant”. A sworn affidavit form is commonly used in court and is often associated with oaths of the affiant and the other witnesses. Any false words and stories may subject the witness to face penalties and sanctions which are to be determined by the court officials.

The uses of documents which deal with legal matters are numerous and may be served to varying entities, organizations, and institutions as long as the main purpose of the document will be strictly implemented and observed to meet the needs of the users. Similar to other legal forms, an Affidavit Form may be used for the following instances:

  • Granting paperwork and documents. Process servers use Affidavit Forms for stating that they have successfully provided and granted the needed documents of the people in the court. Particularly, an affidavit of service will have the signature of the deponent who is the person who created the affidavit on each page of the form. This form will state the name of the person who provided and received the affidavit, with the dates when the form was served, the kind of documents being served, and how the documents were served to the receiver. Using an Affidavit of Services will require the need for the receiver’s photograph in the event that the server does not know the receiver personally.
  • Laying financial purposes. People who own large amounts of money and those who will be undergoing a divorce process will need to state their financial situation which includes their income, assets and even their expenses in a financial affidavit form. The statements on the form should be accompanied with enough documentation and proofs of the affiant’s financial status such as a Financial Statement and an Income Declaration Forms.
  • Supplying financial obligations. When a relative move to a certain country, especially in the United States, a signed affidavit of support will be needed by the sponsored person. This Affidavit Form is used to prove to the government that there is a particular person who will cater the shelter and other necessities of the immigrant as soon as the immigrant arrives at the country. There is an income requirement for a person to fully qualify as a sponsor of his own relative which is commonly an income of a hundred and twenty-five percent of the Federal Poverty Guideline of varying household sizes of the sponsor.
  • State a household’s students’ status. There are some companies who provide home-ownership programs to those who have low to mid income salary earners. One type of affidavit form that these companies use is a Student Status Affidavit Form. This form will indicate what level of education the student applicant is, his age, marital status, residency, and a classification whether he is a vulnerable youth or not.
  • Notify the authority about one’s death. Another use of an Affidavit is to notify the authorities including business companies and courts for the current death of an important or significant person. An affidavit of death is the specific document for this purpose wherein a claimant may submit it to acknowledge himself that he will be claiming the properties owned by the deceased person.
  • Dealing with estate resolutions. In connection with the aforementioned Affidavit of Death, a small estate affidavit form will be provided for the claimants who aim to claim a specific property of small estate owned by a family relative who has passed away. However, this Affidavit Form will only be valid if there is not a single Last Will and Testament of the owner, and if an estate property has a value of lesser than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
  • Proving a residency. The specific affidavit document that an affiant will use under this circumstance is an affidavit of residency together with his Proof of Residency paperwork. This form will state the residence status of the affiant and whether he is living with other people aside from him.
  • Verify marriage or civil status. Aside from verifying an affiant’s residency, an Affidavit Form can also be used to verify the affiant’s marriage and civil status. This affidavit for marriage will only be valid for use in the event that a Marriage Certificate is lost or misplaced. Applying for insurances and visas are two of the common instances that this affidavit will serve a great use to the couple who aims to declare their legal marriage.
  • Obtain and redeem lost items and identification. Losing vital documents and materials due to recklessness and misplacing things can happen to anyone. In the case of legal paperwork, an Affidavit of Lost or a lost affidavit form will be supplied to the affiant who requests a new copy of the lost papers.
  • Prove a relationship. Newly wed couples who migrate to a different country will need to prove that their relationship is bonafide, especially when terminating particular residential conditions. A relationship affidavit form will need additional proofs to fully provide enough that the married couple went into a marriage for the purpose of having a family and not merely for migrant purposes. Some documents which may supply as an evidence will be the couple’s joint ownership properties, birth certificates of their children, bank accounts, and even the couple’s retirement plans and insurances.

Regardless of the varying uses of an affidavit form, the main intention of the affiant and the witnesses should be to state legal and factual data about what they know and what they can prove. The statements in an affidavit form must be descriptive to properly state the events and necessary coverage of a particular case. The layout of every kind of affidavit form will vary greatly on the usage and where the form will be served such as the court location or a particular state and country.

Overall, affidavit forms must be handled and used only for acquiring the truth, and nothing but honest information on the form.

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