Assessment templates help small business, companies, and organizations track sales, evaluate employee performance, assess business progress for a specific period, and compound production returns and merits. The results of the assessment are often essential, as they help to forecast the future productivity of a startup, a company, or a business. With many templates available for free download and commercial use, it makes a lot of sense to download and use any of the following evaluation forms instead of creating one from scratch.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Because employee evaluation is an important business practice, you want to use the following sample employee evaluation for the assessment. There are three reasons why you need to do this. First, it helps to determine suitable training needs. Secondly, It enables you determine the best employees. Lastly, it can give you the data you need for promotion or demotion. (10+ Sample Employee Evaluation Forms)

Performance Evaluation Form

You need to take your business seriously by making sure you work only with the right people. And the only best way to find out whether you have the right team is to use a performance evaluation form for the appraisal process. Here is a performance evaluation sample PDF file that you can download and use for free. (10+ Sample Performance Evaluation Forms)

What are Evaluation Forms?

Evaluation forms are the printable documents designed to help with appraisals. They are also known as performance evaluation forms or the appraisal forms. It is important to understand that there is a form for every kind of an evaluation. As such, it would be best if you use what is right. Also, there are general evaluation forms that you can use if you don’t want to be specific with forms, but it would be best of you use the correct form for particular appraisal instead. Lastly, the evaluation forms discussed in this article don’t cost a dime, and they are all available for personal as well as commercial use.

Training Evaluation Form

The purpose of a training evaluation form is to enable you determine the impact of a previous training session. By using this sample file, you are able to know whether the trainees gained value from the training session or otherwise. The form can be used by small businesses as well as large enterprises. (19+ Sample Training Evaluation Forms)

Teacher Evaluation Form

To find out how teachers are performing their day-to-day duties, it would be great if you used this teacher evaluation form to conduct a performance appraisal. This is a lot more similar to student evaluation form; so you can also issue the files to students and let them help with the evaluation process. (18+ Sample Teacher Evaluation Forms)

Student Evaluation Form

Student evaluation forms are used by students to appraise the work of their teachers. Use these if you want to get accurate results from the evaluation process. Of course, students understand how their teachers conduct sessions in classrooms, so the feedback they give will not be biased. The file is free to download. (17+ Sample Student Evaluation Forms)

Self-evaluation Form

The evaluation of oneself is often significant. And that is why a self-evaluation from PDF is a useful document. By using this file, you are able to gauge your performance at the workplace and evaluate yourself as an individual. The sample template is available for free download and you can use it as-is. (11+ Sample Self Evaluation Forms)

Course Evaluation Form

At the end of the day, course evaluation is necessary. The information that the learners provide you will help you to determine whether they learned anything significant from the course or not. Because the sample file is easy to edit, you can be sure you won’t spend a lot of time with the editing task. (23+ Sample Course Evaluation Forms)

Interview Evaluation Form

An interview evaluation form is an internal document that must be treated seriously. It is the file used to assess an interview session to find out whether it was conducted in the right way. Unless you use this document to evaluate an already complete interview process, you cannot know for sure what went right and what didn’t happen right. (7+ Interview Evaluation Form Samples)

Presentation Evaluation Form

Unless you conduct an evaluation process for a presentation, you may never have an easy time determining the quality of the presentation. This sample file is important for startups, growing companies, as well as small businesses. Most importantly, the file is available for free commercial use. (13+ Sample Presentation Evaluation Forms)

What to say on evaluation forms?

When it comes to using evaluation forms, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of rules. And given that we have different evaluation forms listed in this thread, it only makes sense to leave things open for the filler to decide. However, you want to make sure you fill out the form appropriately. Luckily, a lot of these forms already have a unique pattern (layout) that will guide you through the process of filling out. Make sure you follow the pattern, and you can be sure to have the best results at the end of the day. Remember to choose the best sample form to use.

Peer Evaluation Form

Are you looking for the best peer evaluation PDF form? Here is one that you can download for free and use straight out of the box. The purpose of this form is to evaluate peer groups in whatever area you like. And because it is easy to customize, it should not take you long to do the editing. (10+ Peer Evaluation Form Samples)

Job Evaluation Form

Employees need to be evaluated from time to time. And you can use the job evaluation form to do that. The purpose of the evaluation is to enable you find determine the strength of your members of staff as well as where they fall short. The results are important, for they help with significant decision-making. (10+ Sample Job Evaluation Forms)

> Workshop Evaluation Form

Without a doubt, your workshop needs to be evaluated from time to time. And the best way to do that is to use an evaluation form. You don’t have to design the template from scratch. You simply should download the following workshop evaluation from, customize the file, and then use it. (9+ Workshop Evaluation Form Samples)

Speech Evaluation Form

The best thing about speech evaluation form is that you can download it for free. It is available for both commercial and personal use. You can use the sample evaluation template as-is, or you can tweak the design of the file if you like. To save time, consider using the file exactly as downloaded. (9+ Sample Speech Evaluation Forms)

Group Evaluation Form

The group evaluation form can be used to evaluate any group. It might be a group at work, a group in class, a group in a camp, or a group in a charity organization, to mention just a few. Of course, conducting an evaluation process for groups is the only best way to get accurate information. (9+ Group Evaluation Form Samples)

Event Evaluation Form

The only way to tell how an event went down is by conducting an evaluation for the same. And luckily, you can use the event evaluation form to do that. This form is suitable for evaluating any event. Moreover, it is free to download and easy to edit. Start evaluating event with this sample PDF file. (8+ Event Evaluation Form Samples)

Conference Evaluation Form

How do you determine the way a conference went down? Well, the best way to do that is to use a conference evaluation form. The purpose of this form is to help you determine what went wrong with conference as well as the things that need to be changed. You can then use the data to make informed decisions. (10+ Sample Conference Evaluation Forms)

What are the uses of evaluation forms?


Before you launch training campaign for employees, you first have to find out whether they really do need the training. If you go to it blindly, you will waste a lot of time and money. By using evaluation forms to assess whether there is a need to train employees, you are able to make informed decisions and invest the right amount of money at the right time.


Employee appraisal forms have been in use for a long time already. And they’ve helped a great deal to determine how best an employee is in what they do at the place of work. But more to this is you can use the results from the evaluation to determine whether an employee deserves a promotion or otherwise. In words and action, employees who work so hard and propel companies to greatness deserve to be rewarded.

Seminar Evaluation Form

Organizing a seminar for employees, students, or kids isn’t the only significant step of the event. You also need to conduct an evaluation to gauge the effectiveness of the event after it ends. The only way to do that is to use a seminar evaluation form. You can download the sample seminar template for free. Below is  the download link to download the file. (7+ Seminar Evaluation Form Samples)

Driver Evaluation Form

Is your driver doing a good job? Are they handling your company’s cars the way they should? It is hard to tell from the face value. So, the best thing to do is to use a driver evaluation form to find out. The sample file is free to download, it is easy to edit, and it takes less time to fill out. (7+ Driver Evaluation Form Samples)

Project Evaluation Form

The purpose of this sample form is to help you evaluate a project. Projects are always important, and as such, a project evaluation form is a must have. Use this file to find out whether the right procedures were followed during project development. Also, you can use it to evaluate project’s timeline as well as the development team. (8+ Project Evaluation Form Samples)

Vendor Evaluation Form

Is the relationship between you and your vendors valuable now as it was last year? The only way to find out would be to use this Vendor evaluation form. The file is free to download, and you do not need to spend a lot of time doing editing. Because it is already designed for you, you should concentrate on the evaluation process. (8+ Vendor Evaluation Form Samples)

Internship Evaluation Form

There are many reasons why you would want to evaluate an intern. The primary purpose is to find out whether they are worth hiring in your company. For this task, you will need to use an internship evaluation form. The file is available for free download and can be used as-is. (8+ Sample Internship Evaluation Forms)

How to create evaluation forms

There are two ways to create an evaluation form

Design from scratch

If you have what it takes to design high quality evaluation forms, then you can go ahead and do that from scratch. You will need time, skills, and energy to do the job. It goes without saying that you should use Microsoft Office Packages to create these documents, albeit you can use Photoshop, too, to do the same thing.

Use sample templates

Sample templates are the best because they are already designed for you. All you have do to do is to download a sample file that you would like to use, customize the template, and then use it as your primary evaluation form. This article has more than 15 evaluation forms that you can download and use for personal and commercial purposes.


Evaluation forms have been in use for a long time. That only proves their efficacy in many industries today. The best thing to do if you want to get the most out of these templates is to download a sample file that can meet your needs. Overall, you cannot miss the best evaluation sample form to use from this list.  

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